Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dr Frank Adds a New Direction !

Greetings to my many local and overseas fans and friends! I am happy to announce that I have decided to add a companion blog to my hard-hitting sociogeopolitical blog you know as

 ‘’The Way I See It....”

This is going to be a specialized weekly blog that exhibits my life-long
passion by being purely devoted to a Healthy and Wealthy lifestyle.

My years in natural health care and my considerable research over the last 4+ years has given me access to, at times, exclusive revelations
that are not found in the main stream media..

Many of you remember my exposure of Ansel Keyes (4/10), the man who started the cholesterol/heart disease myth which, only now, has been written about and revealed on television.

I intend to keep you up-date with the same high standard I’ve set in my main Blog for you all to benefit from the latest in cutting-edge research studies and reports from around the world to insure your future
 wellness and financial wellbeing.

By subscribing to Dr Frank’s Healthy and Wealthy Blog with your

I will give you absolutely FREE an informative eBOOK I have just finished writing, encapsulating over 40+ years of hands-on spinal correction
and patient rehabilitative care entitled

20 Tips To Care For Your Low Back

I am positive you and your family are going to find it very useful in your day-to-day activities to help protect their spines from injury.

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