Wednesday, June 18, 2014

ONE Week in the World of Islam: What is Wrong with this Faith ?

In Kenya:
                    At least 53 people have been killed after unidentified armed men stormed the coastal city of Mpeketoni, setting hotels, restaurants, banks and government offices on fire and spraying bullets in the streets. The largest number killed were in a hotel watching the World Cup on television. A Kenyan army spokesman blamed al-Shabaab, Somalia's al-Qaeda-linked militant group. ''They were shouting 'Allahu Akbar', meaning 'God is great', in Arabic.

In Nigeria:
                    Suspected Boko Haram gunmen have reportedly kidnapped 20 women from a nomadic settlement in north-east Nigeria near the town of Chibok, where the Islamic militants abducted nearly 300 girls in April, most of whom are still missing. (photo right)

In Iraq:
                   Sunni Islamic militants claimed on Sunday that they had massacred hundreds of captive Shiite members of Iraq's security forces, posting grisly pictures of a mass execution in Tikrit as evidence and warning of more killing to come.

In Syria:
                   The al-Qaeda-breakaway Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria has prevented food and medical supplies from reaching some neighborhoods in an eastern Syrian city, an activist group said. The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights offensive by ISIS in eastern Syria against rival Islamic rebel factions has killed more than 640 people and uprooted at least 130,000 since the end of April.

In Spain:
Spanish police arrested eight people in a pre-dawn raid in Madrid on Monday, breaking up a jihadist recruitment network led by a former Guantanamo Bay inmate (are your listening Obama?). Spain's government has said it fears battle-hardened Islamist fighters may return to Spain from Syria. Spain this year marked the 10th anniversary of the March 11, 2004 al-Qaeda-inspired bombing of four packed commuter trains in Madrid, which killed 191 people.

In Belgium:
                     The forth person to die after a gunman opened fire on the Jewish Museum in Brussels was to be buried in a Muslim cemetery in Morocco. His name is Alexandre Strens, whose mother is Jewish and father a Muslim Berber, was to be buried near his grandparent's graves in the cemetery in Taza, north-east Morocco. A suspect, Mehdi Nemmouche, was arrested in Marseille, southern France, 11 days ago.

In Indonesia:
                     Radical Islamists in Indonesia have been celebrating and swearing allegiance to ISIS on line, raising concerns that more potential terrorists will be attracted to the conflicts in Iraq and Syria. Jakarta-based terrorism expert Sidney Jones says Indonesians are known to be fighting in Syria, and that Indonesians attracted to ultra extremist ISIS are more radical than the Bali bombers.

In Sudan:
                    The retired Libyan general Khalifa Heftar, who is leading the military campaign dubbed as ''Operation Dignity'' against Islamist militias accused Sudan directly of providing aid to these groups. Heftar says that these militias have wreaked havoc in the North African nation.

In China:
                   China today sentenced three people to death over a deadly attack at Beijing's Tiananmen Square last October, state television reported, an incident blamed by the government on Islamist militants.  Five people were killed and 40 hurt when a car ploughed into a crowd at the northern edge of the Square and burst into flames.

                    All of those sentenced appeared to have ethnic Uighur names. China has blamed this and previous attacks on Muslim separatists. Like the suicide bombing last month killing 39 people at the market in Urumqi. In March, 29 people were stabbed to death at a train station in Kunming city.

In Britain:
                    The Prime Minister has taken a strong stance to the ''Trojan Horse'' scandal which revealed Islamist extremism in schools in Birmingham. The Trojan Horse scandal found some six schools had enforced ''a culture of fear and intimidation'', with the chief inspector for schools for England Sir Michael Wilshaw, saying head teachers had been ''marginalised or forced out of their jobs'' in an ''organised campaign to target certain schools to impose a narrow faith-based ideology.'' (There's that jihad by stealth again)

Inspectors found boys and girls had been segregated and were told Christian celebrations, including Christmas, had been scrapped while Muslim festivals went ahead. Also music classes were  discouraged and contact with non-Muslim pupils phased out. In two of the schools it was found that an extremist al-Qaeda-sympathising preacher had been invited to address the children and that the curriculum had been restricted to comply with conservative Islamic teaching.

In Israel:
This past Thursday night, three Jewish teenagers - one of whom is a dual American/Israeli citizen - were abducted on the West Bank. The Israelis are certain that Hamas scum are responsible. For the moment, we can also observe the reaction of the Palestinian Authority, via the Times of Israel to learn that the Fatah Facebook page features the image at left. (Three Jewish Mice on a hook)

In Australia:
                    Yesterday, in Sydney District Court, a Muslim ass-kissing barrister defended a Hyde Park rioter who wounded a police officer during the violent September, 2012 riots, saying he should not be sentenced harshly just because ''some in the community may disapprove of his faith.'' Ahmed Elomar struck Senior-Constable Jason Blanchard (right) with a pole and left he with bleeding from the head while Elomar ''disappeared'' into the 300-strong crowd, his face covered with a balaclava. The turd also carried a sign: ''Our dead are in paradise, your dead are in hell!''  The judge is still presiding.

Here's what makes this religion repugnant. Earlier this year, a beautiful young Pakistani girl named Amina stood in the living room of her western Sydney home, listening in horror as her father explained how he planned to murder her. The bastard said, ''I am going to kill you now, right here!'' he shouted at the 16 year old. ''And no one will say anything about what I do to you. I am too powerful in the community.''  You see Amina's parents had promised her to a man 13 years her senior and she had made the mistake of refusing to marry him.

For years, child marriage in this country has been hidden under layers of culture and tradition in tight-knit communities (I'd call them ghettos). Then came the news of a 12 year old girl who was  ''married'' in January to a 26 year old Lebanese university student (photo left) in an Islamic ceremony at the girl's home in New South Wales' Hunter Valley, and the layers of secrecy began to peel away. The man was arrested on 25 counts of sexual intercourse and was granted bail in March for a trial in the coming months. The girl's father and the imam who allegedly performed the wedding ceremony have also been charged and will face a court at a later date.

The Way I See It......the variety of Muslim extremists who have struck from Moscow to Mumbai, Bali to London, Syria to New York shows the Koran too easily lends itself to interpretations that licence terrorism, intolerance, oppression and the subjugation of women.

Western leaders and many elitist academics in our universities wallow in a political correctness that doesn't allow for any meaningful debate and discussion on what to do with the Muslim problem without being called a ''racist.''  It's about time people who are serious about taking this bull-by-the-horns start saying, We are not racist, we are Realists!''  Why aren't so-called ''moderate'' Muslims speaking out against this constant inhumanity or is that they are too busy working on the flip side of terrorism; jihad by stealth. (colonisation to look like immigration)?

Islamophobia is real, and it has a right to exist. That PR manta that Islamists keep repeating in the halls of the United Nations, from western-based Islamic Associations and on European and American television is wearing very thin. You know the one: ''The Koran promotes a devout hesitation before the inscrutability of the Divine and urges a penitent, generous life shared in pursuit of mercy, charity and beauty.''  That was to mesmerise the West into letting in the hordes that are now purposely NOT assimilating in the host country. Until those Muslims not involved with terrorism speak up and practice multicultural involvement, I don't trust them. That goes for any Muslim leaving his country of origin going to Syria to fight with the jihadists. The risk is too high and they should not be allowed to return and their citizenship cancelled.

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