Friday, February 22, 2013

No Qualms About The Q Society !

The Q Society has gotten mentioned in the media this past week as the organisers of the Dutch politician, Geert Wilders' speaking tour warning Australians of the danger of creeping Islamisation. So who are these people?  Are they a secret society with violence in their hearts, that we need to be worried about. Firstly, let me say there is no need for fear or worry. The Q Society is a grassroots Islam-critical organisation run exclusively by a group of dedicated individuals. The not-for-profit association was incorporated in Victoria in December, 2010, but is now active with state chapters, local groups and supporters in all states. The prolific Islamic researcher, blogger and best selling American author Robert Spencer is the international patron of the association. The Q-Society is aligned with the international SION (Stop Islamisation of Our Nation) movement.

In their own words:
          Our members and supporters are concerned about the socio-political problems associated with the rise of Islamic Sharia Law in Australia; as well as religiously motivated human rights abuses against women and indigenous religious minorities in Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) member countries. The Q Society seeks to inform and lobby for a free and open discussion about the present and future impact of Islam in Australia. Our members oppose the Islamisation of our country as well as attempts to silence critical debate about the socio-political aspects of Islam under the pretence of multicultural tolerance and political correctness.  The aggressive or stealth infiltration and brazen imposition of special favours by Islamic organisations and Islamic religious fanatics were our ''call to arms.''  In upholding and defending Australian cultural values, we use reasoned words and ideas, not violence, as well as political and democratic processes.

          We seek to educate our citizens and politicians to the fact that Islam is not just a religion. It is also a political, legal and military dogma that extends to all facets of a Muslim's life, the cultural landscape of where they live and a Muslim's relationship with non-Muslims. It's a medieval concept of religious absolutism that makes a society controlled by despotic clergy; which maintains suppression of freedom of expression with a tainted world-view that embraces segregated communities. We are against this model of a parallel unassimulated lifestyle and a judiciary based on barbaric Islamic ''justice'' called Sharia Law and the Halal certification schemes being used to finance Islamic radicals and terrorist groups while the Halal ritual itself causes large-scale inhumane slaughtering and animal-cruelty.

          For too long Islam has enjoyed immunity from necessary analysis, due criticism and debate because of its phony status a another ''peaceful'' religion. Unfortunately, if we continue to tolerate Islam with our Judeao-Christian open-heartedness without understanding it, Australia as a free, secular democracy will be lost. How so?  History has shown that Muslims will not embrace other cultures or join a ''melting pot''.  Many European leaders are now resigned to the fact that multiculturalism has failed with Muslims. England, France, Spain, Germany, Sweden and The Netherlands are finding they are part of a region called EURARABIA!  This is because Islam teaches Muslims to avoid friendship or integration with the infidels (or kafirs), leading to division of the host country's public Muslim-only lavatories, swimming pool sessions and prayer rooms; even calls for Muslim-only housing projects. All showing a contempt for Australia's values of respect, tolerance and equality.

The Way I See It....if you are concerned now about Islam, you have come to the right place. So far Australians relied mostly on what Muslim apologists and islamophiles had to say about Islamic doctrine, Islamic history and the efforts of Islamic supremacists to establish a global Islamic theocracy (a new Caliphate). Q Society has found this imbalance disturbing, akin to foxes lecturing on the management of the hen house. They also believe no ideology or religion can be beyond criticism. And here we thought the West had the Enlightenment 300 years ago, and now it's all coming back in the name of absurd political correctness and self-flaggelating multiculturalism.

After all, Australia is based on individual hard-fought liberties, Western democracy and self-evident rights and freedoms which flow from the Judeao-Christian heritage of Australia's constitution founders. While Q Society is a secular and non-party political organisation, they acknowledge the wisdom and benefits flowing from both the Constitution and traditional Australian values. These benefits and values are what they seek to uphold, against moral relativism, political correctness and divisive multiculturalism.  Many civil-minded migrants from all corners of the world came to Australia to enjoy these very rights and freedoms in a real multi-ethnic country. But a tolerant society must not become a suicidal society reflecting the seventh-century, Arabian desert-living practices of Mohammad.

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