Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Doctor of Delusion and a Minister of Ignorance !

It is particularly galling when a minister, I respected, in our present Gillard government boastfully mouths the stupidity of our Minister for Climate Change and Energy, Greg Combey, against all the present facts that the planet hasn't warmed in the last 16 years. Dr Craig Emerson, the Trade Minister, is the one that makes us pay the misguided Carbon Tax, even when the reasoning behind it two years ago is no more validity. His government, run by another closed minded twit, Julia Gillard, is proposing to spend billions to stop global warming when it's stopped already.   The latest charts (like this on the right) show the real story. Rising carbon dioxide has not created any, rapid or otherwise, warming. The hysteria was for nothing yet the stupidity lingers.

Even more galling is that Dr Karl Kruszelnicki (photo), one of Australia's ''National Living Treasures'' , last week tweeted an outrage to his 177,000 admiring followers, about a journalist's article, stating the latest findings, saying, ''How does Andrew Bolt get away with saying our planet hasn't warmed in the last 16 years?' His employers pay him to say this misconception?''. Dr Emerson replied: ''Mr Bolt can have his own opinions but he can't have his own facts. Temperatures are rising. Fact!"  Just last month, an admission from the godfather of global warming, NASA's James Hansen stated warming has been flat for more than decade. Do Karl and Emerson truly dispute this evidence? 

Dr Karl, as he is affectionately known, presents science on the government controlled leftist ABC's radio and television, writing books and doing guest spots on other channels giving insight and explaining various scientific events and phenomena. So you would expect him to know the very basic data about global warming. This is an egregious example of warmist know-nothingness. It is also a symbol of the giddy and irresponsible ignorance of so many of the noisier global warming prophets. This wouldn't be serious if Dr Kruszelnicki wasn't such a public figure and helping to promote a great scare that our gases are frying the world.

To compound the ignorance is the arrogance Dr Karl showed in a following tweet, by debating the figures of Britain's MET, asserting the world has warmed 0.3 degrees in those 16 years -- which still isn't that much, actually. But I discover the Met''s figures show warming just one-sixth of what the good doctor claimed (0.05 degrees Centigrade). That is so small that scientists say it's statistically insignificant. It's indistinguishable from background noise.  Essentially ZERO!

In the foolish hope that these two men may reconsider their opinions and just in case there is any doubt about what the Met figures show, here is the Met in its own words:
          The linear trend from August 1997 (in the middle of an exceptionally strong El Nino) to August 2012 (coming at the tail end of a double-dip La Nina) is about 0.03C/decade, amounting to a temperature increase of 0.5C over that period....
--------Or put it this way: if this rate of warming is real and was maintained for the rest of the century, the world by 2100 would be hotter by about 0.27C of a degree. You'd struggle to even measure it. You certainly wouldn't notice a change in climate, other than the natural ones that have always been with us.

The Way I See It....I am terribly disappointed and even astonished Dr Karl doesn't know about this pause in the warming, and didn't check it out even after Andrew Bolt alerted him to it. Secondly, I'm even more astonished that after finally (apparently) learning from his mistake, Dr Karl did not apologise to his followers and Mr Bolt, issue a public correction or give any indication he would reassess his global warming catastrophism. He's given no sign he will change his mind about anything even after learning the planet hasn't warmed 0.3C degrees in 16 years as he thought, but just 0.05C. If he is in denial, his science degrees and his reputation will mean nothing in the eyes of many now.

His only response, it seems, is to remove from his Twitter site any tweets on this topic that might be held against him. I don't think that's good enough for him to cling to his delusion. And, of course, there's some basic questions about intellectual integrity and being straight with your audience. So I ask Dr Karl, much honoured ABC science presenter, to at least tell us this: when facts change, sir, does your opinion?

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