Friday, February 15, 2013

Aussie Minister's Response to the Truth is Embarrassing !

What should a senior minister of the Gillard Governmnt do when he learns he is wrong about global warming? If you recall, it was my posting on February the 10th that exposed Dr Craig Emerson and Dr Karl Kruzelnicki to the fact that their ''warmist'' ideology wasn't holding water. I presented a chart that showed that there hasn't been any significant warming of the planet for 16 years. It couldn't get plainer than that, but both refused to acknowledge this fact. It was worse this week when Trade Minister Emerson got on the 2GB radio show and tried again to deny there had been a 16-year pause in global warming and instead the world was warming fast. This, despite the announcers pointing out that none of the measurements used even by the IPCC detect any warming trend that is ''statistically significant''?

Here's what I expect. I would expect Dr Emerson to apologise for being so badly informed. I would expect him to revise his thinking about the nature and speed of any warming, and the warming influence of our emissions. I would expect him to explain why, in the light of the facts I and others have now drawn to his attention, he thinks trying to ''stop'' global warming with a carbon tax and billions in subsidies still makes economic sense. Or to admit it does not, after all. These are the kinds of things a serious man, a responsible politician, would do when presented with facts contradicting a critical assumption behind an important public policy.

On 2GB, his argument was bizarre, but standard issue in the warmist media outlets -- that there cannot have been such a pause because the average temperature of the past decade was higher than of the decade before. Emerson couldn't understand the fallacy of that argument. So a listener, a forensic accountant, equally frustrated with the mathematical ineptitude of this senior minister, produced a graphic chart that surely even Emerson can understand. (see above) say the past decade was warmer than the one before is true - but still does not contradict the fact that for 16 years there has been no warming of any statistical significance.

The Way I See It.....if someone like this minister is still so adamant about his global warming beliefs, and in a government advised by top scientists - is wrong in the very basic facts about climatic warming, what does it say about the Gillard Government and its warming policies? When facts change....normal, honest people change their opinions. This now goes beyond a judgement of Emerson's intellect. It also invites a judgement of this scumbag's character.

Oh yes, still no admission, retraction or apology from ABC science presenter Dr Karl, either, even though he is even more profoundly wrong than Dr Craig and should know better. He completed a MB, BS after a science B.Sc (Hons) and some further broad study into medical science. His attitude has brought some loss of credibility amongst his admirers.
NOTE: Dr Emerson has a doctorate in Economics. On matters of science he has no qualifications.

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