Sunday, February 24, 2013

Al Gore, The World''s First Green Billionaire !

If the Earth is indeed cooling (after 17 years of no warming), and global-warming alarmism is just that, the one big loser, financially speaking, will be Al Gore. Gore didn't begin the global-warming movement, but he sure latched onto it as his cause celebre. It was in 1988, James Hansen, a scientist for National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), told a U.S. Senate committee he had concluded that record hot weather that year was the result of a ''greenhouse effect''  induced by the growing concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The message apparently resonated with then U.S. Senator Gore, a moderate Democrat from Tennessee. Later, as President Bill Clinton's vice president, Gore quietly championed the cause of global warming.

By 1997, (similarly duped) proactive global politicians negotiated the Kyoto Protocol with its legally binding emissions limits for industrialized countries, though the United States wisely didn't participate. Ten years later, the Forth Assessment Report of the United Nation's IPCC was released and predicted calamity for species, ecosystems, human infrastructure, societies and livelihoods unless we drastically cut emissions of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide and methane. In the wake of his failed presidential bid in 2004, Gore became the public face and global evangelist for climate-change alarmism. His calls for increasing government control over economies and for individuals and businesses to slash energy consumption was featured in his flawed ''documentary'' An Inconvenient Truth which contained 32 errors and omissions but still led to his being awarded, undeservedly, the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.

That same year the Tennessee Centre for Policy Research (TPCR) branded him a ''hypocrite'' after discovering that his eight-bathroom house in Nashville ( photo above) consumed nearly 221,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity the previous year - more than 20 times the national average! Mr Gore responded by saying he was in the process of giving the house an energy efficient make over. However, the TPCR had got hold of his electricity bill again, this time comparing electricity consumption after he said he installed the new technology. They found the Gore residence uses an average of 17,768 kWh per month -- 1,640 kWh more energy per month before the renovations! By comparison, the average American household consumes 11,040 in am entire year!

Other critics contend that Gore is much more than a man crusading to save the Earth and its inhabitants. Instead, they argue, he is a green entrepreneur set to reap millions - if not billions - if the agenda he pushes on a naive President Obama becomes law. He loves flying in his private jet to check on his investments, to climate conferences and his another one of his large homes, this one in California (see photo left). There's obviously no thought given to his extra carbon emissions flying privately rather than using the airlines available.

Last year, Gore testified before an incredulous Congress, saying that he is partner at the venture-capital firm of Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers, which has invested about a billion in about 40 companies that will benefit directly from cap-and-trade legislation and the those popular Obama government subsidies. Gore claims all of the money he makes from such environmental investments, along with all the profits from his books and DVDs goes to the nonprofit Alliance for Climate Protection. But as Bloomberg News discovered, Gore, who left the White House a decade ago with less than $2 million in assets, now has enough money to put $35 million in hedge funds and other private for-profit partnerships.

Aside from Gore's immersion in all things climate-wise he is up-to-his-neck in another controversy that will no doubt have negative effects on the United States and Americans as a whole. Gore was on the David Letterman show this month promoting his new book, The Future, which mentions the television entity Al Jazeera as the ''relatively independent network'' that played a role in the so-called Arab Spring. It was interesting that this phrase became ''very highly respected network'' when he spoke to Letterman. It's apparent that Gore was talking about the channel in glowing terms in order to justify his receipt of $100 million from a $500 million deal. Gore doesn't want to admit the truth because then he would be exposed for selling  the U.S. Current TV channel to Al Jazeera not only for ''dirty oil'' money, but also for blood money! The American blood on the hands of Al Jazeera is real.

Every time that you see a wounded member of the American military, or attend a service for those who died defending America, there is the distinct possibility that the death and destruction was carried out by Jihadists egged on by Al Jazeera. This is a very serious matter. This sale will allow Al Jazeera to reach English-speaking Arabs and Muslims in the U.S. with its incendiary messages, where you could see suicide bombings on the streets of America and the development of more al Qaeda cells plotting 9/11-type terrorist attacks. The purpose of ''Al Jazeera America'' is to reach English-speaking Muslims who don't speak Arabic with inflammatory words and images making America out to be the enemy and villain in the Middle East. Now thanks to Al Gore, it is establishing a permanent base on U.S. soil, possibly reaching 40-50 million homes.

The Way I See It....despite what Al Gore implies, the Arabic and English versions of Al Jazeera are paid for by the same dictatorship. Even Hillary Clinton's State Department admits that, adding that Qatar controls the news policies and personnel on the channel. Jerry Kenney, an American television producer, said this about Gore, ''He talked about how many awards Al Jazeera has been given. That is no surprise to me. The arsonist is always the first to see the fire. Al Jazeera lights it and then reports it. There is no reason to believe the new Al Jazeera America will be any different. And the inevitable result will be more cases of terrorist violence and murder on American soil.'' 

Despite this looming threat and questions about the legality of the purchase, members of Congress are silent. A hearing into this deal would make things difficult for Republicans who want to pursue a bipartisan agenda and do not want to irritate Obama and the Democrats. The co-owners of Current TV - Al Gore and Joel Hyatt - are prominent Democrats. The way I figure...selling their television channel to Al Jazeera is somewhat comparable to turning over American broadcast facilities during World War II to Tokyo Rose and Axis Sally, the propagandists for the Japanese and German enemies, who were convicted of treason for broadcasting against America. It's a shame no one thinks Al Gore should be convicted as a traitor for this sale as well as being shunned as the voice of warming hysteria. Thankfully the warming backlash has begun with hundreds and hundreds of climate scientists taking up the cause in an effort to wrest their profession back from warming ideologues.

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