Saturday, February 3, 2018

FBI Agents Terrified: Congressional Examination Of Files May Be Undoing Of Mueller’s Witch Hunt !

Mueller witch hunt in hot water as heavy rumors swirl that the highest officials of the FBI and State Department were on the Clinton Foundation payroll.

For nearly a year, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been conducting an inquisition-like witch hunt into non-existent collusion between President Trump and Russia. With a pair of Mueller’s investigators outed as members of an extensive Hillary Clinton FBI “fan club,” the “treasonous acts” Peter Strzok and Lisa Page committed have fellow Hillary biased agents terrified. After months of piling up evidential firewood to burn President Trump at the stake with, they just found out Congress will actually get to take a look over their shoulders at all of it.

The thing that has them really twisted up is that most of what they found points at the Clintons. How many more agents and DOJ lawyers are similarly guilty of treason? Covering up for Hillary, as the one colluding with Russians and conspiring to rig the election is a no-no. So far, all the evidence points to Uranium One and pay-for-play schemes at the State Department. Worse, there are heavy rumors that the highest officials of the FBI and State Department were on the Clinton Foundation payroll.
In the Summer leading up to the 2016 election, James Comey got handed the hot potato of announcing the decision on the Clinton email server investigation. It appears that even though the FBI had uncovered evidence of misconduct that qualified as “gross negligence” which is a crime, the wording of the report was downgraded by Peter Strzok to “extreme carelessness,” which is not a crime. Hillary did nothing wrong Comey claimed.
Comey was given the honor after Attorney General Loretta Lynch got busted having a secret meeting with Bill Clinton on an Arizona runway and recused herself from the case. Then, in a bizarre reversal just before the election, Comey waffled and said the investigation was back open again. The reason? Hillary emails, that Huma Abedin was not supposed to have, ended up on her husband’s laptop. The same laptop that “Carlos Danger” used to pick up an underage girl.

Mueller’s investigators outed as members of an extensive Hillary Clinton FBI “fan club.”
On Jan. 11 the Justice Department turned over the first batch of records demanded by Devin Nunes on behalf of two government oversight watchdog committees. Both the House Judiciary Committee and the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee subpoenaed the records last August. The DOJ initially lied and said they didn’t exist but were caught red-handed when Rod Rosenstein admitted to them in a recent congressional hearing.
Instead of making copies of the sensitive materials, access was provided in a secure location to over 1.2 million documents. The records include not only reports and summaries of interviews conducted by Mueller’s investigators, they date back to the 2016 investigation into Hillary Clinton’s secret email server. Even more documents are expected to be produced “in the coming days.”
One of Capitol Hill’s many moles scampered off with a copy of the letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and his deputy Rod Rosenstein, listing the documents requested. The list seems to “dovetail with areas that the Justice Department’s inspector general, Michael Horowitz, is investigating, such as the handling of the Clinton probe.” According to Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) “We want the information that Horowitz has.” He also mentioned interrogation sessions “are being arranged with seven FBI and Justice Department officials, as well as others.”
In a last-ditch effort to thwart the committees which properly provide supervision over the Justice Department, they showed up on Paul Ryan’s doorstep to cry on his shoulder. What he told them amounted to “suck it up, guys. bite the bullet and turn it over.” Ryan would have loved to have told them there was some magic legal spell that could be used to make the records disappear but this time, there isn’t one. What a Congressional oversight committee asks for, they get.
The only semi-legitimate excuses they can give for hiding information from Congress is that “forms identifying FBI informants” would be handed over. If that happened, they say they might “withhold sensitive information from future reports.” The FBI isn’t afraid the safety of these people will be put at stake by identification, they are afraid Congress will learn the truth. In order to hide things from their bosses in the future, they just won’t write them down.
Another source claims that if informants know they may be caught leaking classified intelligence by ratting to the FBI as a “confidential informant” they won’t be opening up as easily as they have in the past.
According to a former senior agent, “the credibility of the FBI is on the line.” All eyes are now on Director Christopher Wray, who assumed control last August. Everyone is watching to see “how assertive the director will be in defending them and other career officials and whether he’ll refuse to hand over documents that might compromise covert sources and operations.”
Director Wray hasn’t publicly responded to President Trump’s suggestion of treason but in the past, he “repeatedly defended the integrity and professionalism of the FBI workforce in speeches and congressional testimony.”
The Way I See It......James Rybicki, FBI Chief of Staff, is the next one scheduled for an intense grilling. The hot lights and blow-torch will be warmed up for a closed-door session on Thursday by both of the house committees.

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