Monday, February 19, 2018


Yep, a whole trilogy of Russian collusion! Between the Democrats, along with Obama’s Administration and the media.
Russian collusion net has still missed the Don but it seems to have caught the netmaker. The Dems, who chose Russia as the false conspiratorial culprit only because they were aware of how it all worked and it was they, the Dems, who were into it right up to and over their scrawny necks.
The so-called Russian dossier, paid for by the Hillary Clinton camp to the tune of 12 million dollars was designed to dissuade voters from voting for Trump. 
This dodgy dossier, which is full of wild unfounded accusations states that, during a trip to the Moscow Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Trump had hired hookers to perform ‘golden showers’ (urination on him and each other)... and on the Presidential suite bed the Obamas had previously slept in.
This “evidence” was meant to imply that Russian intelligence had taped this “golden shower” performance and that it was one of several forms of “kompromat” (that's Russian for compromising material) they had on Trump that they could and would use as a political lever if ever he (Trump) became President.
           It is likely that Michael Flynn will be rehired after Democrats are arrested 
Unfortunately this false dossier was used as evidence to secure a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court warrant targeting Trump and his campaign (in particular his National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn).
Surveillance on Flynn, which never should have been allowed as it was based entirely on this bogus dossier, was used to catch him out on a lie about a meeting with Ambassador Sergey Kislyak... a meeting that was completely normal and innocuous. 
But Flynn was duly fired anyway for “lying” to an FBI that was more complicit in illegality than Flynn ever was.
Trump had accused the DNC of wire-tapping his Trump Tower during the 2016 campaign. The media including CNN and the DNC had laughed at the proposition all over their leads and tweets for days, but it now appears to have been true.
Deputy FBI Head Andrew McCabe has already resigned with full retirement emoluments
Is this sounding a little like Watergate? Well it’s a thousand times more serious than any Watergate break-in.
To knowingly submit false evidence to a Court in order to acquire a wire-tap warrant to eavesdrop on a political opponent during a Presidential campaign is third world stuff that usually ends in summary executions.
And a serious number of heads, at least 11, must roll after this "memo" dust settles.
Even more serious is the fact that the Obama Administration’s Agencies of the DoJ, FBI and possibly, but not conclusively, the unacountable CIA, were used to try to kill Trump’s hopes of winning the White House.
Former FBI Head, James Comey (above) did the DoJ's bidding in protecting Hillary Clinton  from prosecution over her illegal email server.
I can’t imagine a more serious crime other than hiring a hitman to blow Trump's brains out! But these are the Clintons we are dealing with here and it’s likely that that option was seriously considered.
I have spent time in researching the infamous “Washington Post” and “New York Times” and there is no better place that the local watering hole to find out WTF is going on. 
Why didn’t the Washington Post’s young Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein (above) display the same investigative skills in disclosing this current caper as they did with Watergate? 
Well, Nixon who faced and dodged impeachment by resigning, was a Republican! You see, even back then the Press detested Conservatives. They were fair game, as is Trump.
The Way I See It.......those same aging Woodward and Bernstein characters spend most of their time on CNN defending an indefensible Hillary Clinton while widely lambasting Trump.
After all, when you look into it, conservative media (and even cartoonists) world-wide are rarer than hens’ teeth.    

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