Monday, January 29, 2018


…or foster more foreign babies !

The baby boom of the sixties saw women on average bearing 3.5 babies but now that figure has dropped to an appalling 1.4 babies. Australia needs 2.2 babies from every fertile woman or it will devolve into a third world economy.
The world average is 2.7 with Islamic countries leading the way with over 4 babies per multiple female and well ahead of Italy, Greece, Japan and Germany at around 1.2 births per fertile woman.
Paid parental leave and childcare largesse is not convincing women that pollination is the source of all life. 
The increase in preferred gay life styles and homosexual men who lack an interest in females is a serious problem and we normal blokes will be arrested for showing a healthy interest in the opposite sex.
If we are ever to recover from this lack of fertility we will need to address the onslaught on normal heterosexual men having a normal healthy predilection for yummy sheilas. It’s hard to pollinate a woman if you are not allowed to touch her, perve on her or even send her a suggestive text without being accused of sexual harassment.
We humans are one of the few species who can actually engage in sex without it being a bothersome conduit for procreation. So there are plenty of horny blokes around ready to risk impregnation compared to women who prefer to stay unpregnant and married to their employment status for decades into middle age.
Women dress to the nines hoping to get lucky but only lucky in sex itself… the thought of pregnancy is horrific and they will do anything to avoid it. That’s a shame but it’s a movement that is not diminishing so we must find ways to reverse it.
The modern woman is happy to bed as many blokes as possible without getting pregnant before the age of 35. She is then left with a few tenuously short years to make up the numbers.
Popular Canadian author and free-speech advocate Mark Steyn (above) says Western societies are a dying demographic. “Low birth rates have put Western societies like Australia into a demographic death spiral.''
“Australia is below replacement level and without a sociological pivot that death spiral will continue”, Steyn warns.
So what do we do? We can’t compete with Muslim blokes who all seem to be on disability pensions with plenty of time for pollinating all of their four wives. And of course Australia’s safety net is there to catch them all. While we Aussie blokes have to pretend to be dedicated pillow biters or we get arrested.
There was a bloke who, each evening at Flinders Street station, asked every one of 10 thousand women who were going home if they would like a shag. He was asked by a bystander if he got a lot of knockbacks. “Bloody hell yeah”, he said, “but I get a lot of shags ‘tho.”
Is it a numbers game after all? No, and it shouldn’t be. But isn’t asking a sheila out to dinner much the same thing? And if she lets you kiss her goodnight will she allow you grab her bum? Or does the fact you even try indicate you are guilty of sexual harassment? Bloody hell, things have changed, and I cannot see how it’s for the better with gay marriage now the “in” thing.
The feminist Left is more engaged in late term abortions than nurturing a healthy baby.
The Way I See It........those two lumps on a woman’s chest are not just a cleavaged excuse for a fashion statement, they were designed solely to feed babies. 
The choice still remains… have more Aussie babies or be run over by Islamic ones.

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