Wednesday, July 5, 2017

A RADICALISED LONE WOLF MY ARSE's just another Normal Muslim !

The term “radicalised” is used as just another attempt to separate Muslims in general from “the really bad bastards”... as is the term “lone wolf”. Well, as much as defenders of Islam try to downplay the cult’s integral involvement in terrorism by blaming a “stray lone wolf”, the more we see the networks unfold behind the atrocities. And those networks are extensive as the Manchester incident shows now that more than a dozen other "really bad bastards" have been arrested.   
The term “radicalized”, which has become common in the media, is also a misnomer as Islam is already, by its very nature, extremely radical. Islam cannot be moderate. No Muslim can be a real Muslim unless he believes in the Koran’s instruction that all non believers must be killed. (And a lot of other crazy stuff.)
Likewise, you cannot be a real Christian unless you are prepared to follow Christ’s teachings.
It is a forehead slapping mystery why our leaders are prepared to defend Islam as a religion, when Islam bears no relationship to any religion. This false defense of Islam is costing many non Muslim and Muslim lives. 
            Saudis hang five men after mutilating them publicly in Chop Chop Square
Religions don’t recommend public mutilations (above) or the bombing of teenagers, religions don’t operate murderous militia, nor do they operate corrupt judiciaries or demand the subjugation of women and the killing of gays, nor the sexual mutilation of little girls, nor do they regulate the conditions under which its loyal subjects can shag goats.
[It is within Koranic law that a Muslim’s livestock can be sexually penetrated but the livestock that has experienced penetration cannot be eaten by the household, but amazingly it can lawfully be sold to another village, or those who are unaware of the penetration.] 
For Christ’s sake, haven’t the likes of Turnbull and Merkel ever read the Koran? It’s all there, and we can only read the sanitised version here. I shudder to think what other legally sanctioned perversions are in the original (real) version.
Only a fool would welcome a practicing Muslim to the shores of a civilised world. Only a fool would allow the construction of a mosque as the centre of all perverted teachings, including the most efficient ways to kill their welcoming hosts. 
Only an insane fool would pay him hundreds of millions of our taxes in grants to further his heinous activities and encourage tax-free profits from halal certification of just about everything we have to purchase. 
Our Prime Minister, along with crazy Greens, mad Lefties and media, does encourage this. 
Most home-grown Islamic terrorism is now committed by the second generation of original immigrants. Will Turnbull note this as a serious development? It’s doubtful, as he entertains them and partakes of Muslim celebrations at Government sponsored banquets (above, sans pork) while the problem worsens with each migrating Muslim.
Of course the original immigrants have tutored the second generation in Islam and all is well augmented and developed at the local mosque where the least intelligent are given loaded vests and guns.
                                  Only some of the 41 Aussies killed so far
Turnbull is about to add to the list of dozens of Aussies killed after they were sent overseas to fight to stop these bastards, while he dines with and lauds the worst of them here. I wonder how the parents of slain sons feel about that.
Hundreds of mushrooming mosques in complacent Australia are the responsibility of the House of Saud. Their role is to further the growth of Islam in the West by any means possible and they skite that halal certification is paying for it. Um, actually we are paying for it, at the checkout counter. 
The House of Saud is a military ally of the US and Western Europe and this was confirmed last week by President Trump who is more aware than anyone of the threat from Islam. Work that out! The truth is that the Saudis are only interested in developing their insidious Wahhabist form of Islam as they have in Afghanistan... they are not, and never have been, aligned with the West’s aims.
Worse still an expansionist Ottoman Caliphate-seeking Turkey remains part of NATO (at least Trump deemed it obsolete). The Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan (above) said of mosques when asked, “A mosque is our barracks, the domes our helmets, minarets our bayonets and the faithful are our soldiers." Mosques are a signal of domination over all they survey and provide for capacities far greater than the local Muslim communities could possibly fill... for a rapid expansion of Islam maybe?
And Europe prefers this murderous Muslim to Putin as he listens in on NATO tactical and military conversations. WTF? Only Trump sees NATO’s dangerous flaws.
The Way I See It........our other leaders have the same self-induced blindness that was prevalent before the last world wars.

Like the deadshit boss of Australian Security Intelligence Organization, Duncan Lewis, told a Senate committee - on oath - “I have absolutely no evidence to suggest there is a connection between refugees and terrorism.” Either he is blind to the threat and must go, or he told an untruth for what he claims is our good. But it is a dangerous untruth, and it misled the Senate. Scumbag!

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