Thursday, June 22, 2017


From My Fellow Word-Smith LARRY PICKERING: 

Greens’ unabashed Communist Senator, Lee Rhiannon, declared three years ago that coal production in Australia was finished. She was justifiably laughed at and she even drew derisory comments from the media. 
How can times change so quickly? But they can only change that quickly and that irresponsibly with the assistance of a Lefty interloper posing as a conservative after having backstabbed an elected conservative Prime Minister.
A political imperative is that you must not commission a report unless you are certain it will dovetail with what you want. PM Malcolm Turnbull is a global warming nutter with an eye on a future with the UN. Just like other failed Labor leaders.
Neurologist and Government "scientist", a dickhead called Alan Finkel (above) has just written a report on Australia’s future energy needs that has more holes in it than a cheap crumpet and it makes no sense at all, unless of course you are a global warming wanker. It’s hard to imagine what similarities link neurological qualifications to a drastic energy shortage.
Turnbull’s brain fart of an idea to drive the Snowy water up hill so that it can be dropped again, indicates just how smart our current PM is. It’s also hard to equate dubious merchant banking qualifications with high-end hydrological engineering.
It seems our PM sat upright in bed one night, bleary eyed, still grasping his donger, and announced that he had just discovered the illusive theory of “perpetual motion”.
It’s not his silly idea anyway, it was suggested ten years ago and dismissed out of hand after it was quickly established the extra electricity gained did not cover the electricity required to pump the water up hill for almost one kilometre, in the first place.
                      Unabashed, self-claimed Greens' Communist, Lee Rhiannon
So we must not mine our own clean, efficient, coal so that other nations must now use the world’s dirtiest coal. Work THAT out. Doesn’t that sort of defeat what the Greens, Shorten and Turnbull are trying to achieve? Or is it just another example of Left logic?  
Turnbull evokes bitter memories of fools like Whitlam, Rudd and Gillard. We await the sage administration he promised us but all we have got so far is a combination of the supercilious ideological bullshit of those three former Prime Ministerial wastrels.
I am not going to abuse my new keyboard trying to explain the stupidity behind Turnbull’s thinking, so I will just iterate the fact that the Paris Accord is dead… stone dead. The Accord was only a verbal commitment anyway, and anyone who trusts India, China or Indonesia to keep their word needs a good shrink.
It seems only Australia is silly enough to keep its word.
         Just one of 45 coal-fired power stations Japan has signalled it will build ASAP.
Even nuclear-shy Japan has started on new coal-fired power stations. India and China are opening new stations at the rate of one a week, and they have promised they will continue doing so at least until 2030, by which time Al Gore will have tired of fishing for trout in the streets of Miami and will be flicking sardines to polar bears from his Fifth Avenue apartment.
Fair dinkum I’m over this shit!  This mad Left governance is hopefully like cyclical climate change... it must eventually complete the cycle before returning to normality.
                          Hmmm, but I’m not so sure about that with this bloody mob.of Wankers.  God Help Australia !!  Useless like Tits on a Bull !

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