Thursday, July 6, 2017


A Tongue-cheek rumination on this special, privileged Club of Elites as they Ham-it-up in Hamburg from journalist Charlie Pickering.

I would like to be a fly on the wall at only one G20 meeting ever….and that’s this one! Naturally the Left media are promoting a Russia-US showdown over their claim that Putin cost Hillary an election. What bloody rubbish! 
The Left is still looking to delegitimise Trump’s win and the clowns won’t let up until an Islam-dominated, EU-influenced UN, gets control of the world with a single currency, single socialist policy, single Islamic caliphate, single Green ideological umbrella government, where the entire world goes to Brussels to pay huge yearly monetary homages.
The Trump-Putin meeting will be no more than ten minutes of a show-dicks exercise with a bilateral agreement that, “I promise I won’t shoot down your planes over Syria if you don’t shoot down mine… now where’s that vodka, cos I wanna talk about those damned Muslims and that global warming bullshit?''”
No, the really earnest, beaded brow discussions are in the main hall over the collapse of the Paris Accord and how global warming is looking exactly like the hoax it always was.
                                        "Did you ask him if he brought Barron?"
France’s President Macron is trying to hide a tiny woody while discussing the failed warming hoax with Germany’s Frau Merkel. “I apologise for this show of excitement Angela, but I simply can’t resist older women, can we have a bilateral in a side room, or maybe a trilateral with Theresa May? There’s an ironing board in the closet. Or even a multilateral because Brigitte said she wouldn’t mind teaching Donald’s young Barron a thing or two.
                                                    "Is that your hand, Manny"
“We could all show global-warming solidarity and get our gear off”, said Monsieur Macron, winking at Theresa May and taking his hands out of his pockets … “hmm, perhaps not.”
“Actually I wouldn’t mind giving that Donald a piece of my…”, said Frau Merkel. “Those huge knee-length ties must mean something.”
                                               "Give me your hand Manny"
“Ha, that’s all nonsense”, said Vladimir who had just been drawn to the conversation with Theresa. “Donald just lost a competition with me… did anyone invite that Kim bloke from North Korea? He reckons he can get his hands on a couple of thousand Korean birds at the drop of a hat... has Trudeau got enough coke?”
                                               "How old are you, Justin?"
The main hall was deserted as the side rooms became crammed with in depth multinational intercourse. The only person left was Australia’s lonely Turnbull who had organised himself a unilateral . “I think we should issue a communique on our progress”, he shouted.  And so it goes.........

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