Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE ...and the world already has nine nuclear nations !

Leaving a problem for an incoming leader or what is known as, “kicking the can down the road” is common in the US and here.
 Obama and Gillard were expert at it.

Obama left ISIS to grow like Topsy and sealed a deal with Iran to develop a nuclear capability for the next US President to deal with. Ex-Prime Minister Julia Gillard committed the following PM to funding almost $250 billion in Gonski, the NDIS and NBN. Gillard knew neither she nor the hapless Rudd could win the vote. So she laid massively expensive landmines for the incomer with feline precision.
                                 You're dying to get into my knickers aren't you?
She knew that the voters were not sophisticated enough to understand the unfunded costs were up to a decade beyond the forward estimates, but she also knew, once announced, an opposing Party could not scrap her outrageous plans during an election. The Opposition would need to honour her excesses or risk losing. 
Of course the Opposition weakly complied, despite the burgeoning debt and the disappointed sufferers waiting for NDIS cover that was never coming.
Obama never realised the significance of the ISIS threat, or maybe he did, but he resolved to merely “contain” it. As I suggested here five years ago ISIS could be wiped out in one weekend when it comprised a small bunch of 3,000 hoons in utes shooting Shiites. 
But ISIS has spread unchallenged across the Levant and into Africa and now that it intends to realign with Al Queda and possibly the Taliban it needs much more than “containment” doesn’t it Mr useless black Islamic President, sir? 
But that’s not your problem now is it? Your primary problem is still your embarrassing golf handicap of 22.
Permanent Iranian observers are in attendance at North Korea's nuclear tests working closely together on programs to upgrade gas centrifuges for uranium enrichment.
The problems left by Obama are now Trump’s and, despite Left media criticism, it appears that he intends to do something about them. North Korea has been growing a nuclear capacity with the aid of Iran and in consultation with Pakistan for decades and now the chickens have come home to roost. 
Nine nations (the United States, Russia, United Kingdom, Pakistan, France, India, China, Israel and North Korea) now have nuke capability and together they boast 17,000 warheads capable of ICBM delivery. 
Oh, the wets will talk of more sanctions but true Conservatives know that Kim jong-Un must be taken out. They realise it’s far better to resolve the problem now rather than wait until he can miniaturise a hydrogen bomb that has international reach.
The current blizzard of White House meetings can only arrive at one conclusion...kill the lumpy little loon now, it can’t wait any longer.
There is little risk now... every day his death is delayed the nuclear threat exponentially grows. North Korea is no Libya, Egypt, Syria or Iraq, there is no power structure to follow Kim jong-Un, he has murdered them all 70 at a time and there is no competent military line of command in place. 
And there are no diplomatic channels available.
This little grub is ruling as a tyrannical monarch in only the third stage of an emerging dynasty and monarchs aren’t given IQ tests prior to their coronations. It’s just a case of, “you’re next in line so you’re it, buddy!” That’s how we will receive Charlie.
What Trump’s generals will be looking at are the North’s conventional weapons aimed at the South. The US can’t trust any “iron dome” to destroy the rockets that will rain down from the North. The “iron dome” sort of works for Israel but nothing approaching dependably. There are 20 million southerners exposed in Seoul alone.
                            Medals awarded for each day you can avoid execution
The North's conventional weapons need to be taken out at the same time as Kim jong-Un in case some doddering old general wants to get famous and press some orange and yellow buttons. 
                                                    Mostly papier mache
Any nuclear response from the North will be slow giving the US plenty of time and space to wipe out all of the Kid’s professed nuke facilities and destroy all known launch pads before the timeously complicated task of launching a nuke can be carried out. 
Game over for good. Only then will North Koreans discover what a deranged dickhead their dear leader Kim jong-Un really was. 
Then the more traditional dismantling of Iran’s nuke ability and maybe even Pakistan’s. (Although Pakistan’s plans are all about India.) There must not be other than the existing first world to have nuclear capability. Rogue nations that crave nuclear development are only in it for personal aggrandisement and to exact (blackmail) favours from the developed world.
                           The north's lack of development compared to the south
The Way I See It......Obama left the world in a bloody awful mess and it will take a once in a lifetime Trump Presidency with the testicular grit to fix it.
 After Kim jong-Un is gone the next megalomaniac for eradication will be NATO member Turkey and its potential Muslim Ottoman Caliphate leader in Erdogan.
Trump’s new imaginary friend should be Erdogan’s real future enemy, Vladimir Putin.

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