Friday, May 26, 2017

THE SWAMP FIGHTS BACK... as Trump still searches for the plug !!

The Clinton and Obama Administration was arguably the worst in US history.

You would be excused for believing the US media promoted and protected Obama and the
Clintons’ clear criminality.

Trump was determined to drain the swamp and was elected to do so, but was met with fierce opposition from within and without, again supported by media.

Impeaching Trump is now the Left’s singular aim, based on the most spurious of false evidence that he inappropriately spoke with the Russians. Putin denies any impropriety.

Judases on both sides in both the US House and recalcitrant Senate are determined to kill Trump.

Remarkable how politics never changes and buoys the worst of people in the very worst of ways to fulfil their craven personal ascendancies.
How was it possible that media ignored Hillary’s blatant criminality, that may yet be resolved?   
Excuse my rant but allow me to mention a few important facts: FBI Director Comey, if you watch Senate inquiries, clearly demonstrated his ineptitude and bias. Both Houses demanded his dismissal, Trump duly complied. Yet his (Comey’s) seat was still warm when the Democrats cried foul in feigned outrage.
The Dems, including sourpuss Republican POW John McCain are now calling for Trump's impeachment. We should recall what Trump said about this two sided weasel during the election... “I’m more interested in talking to those who weren’t [silly enough to be] captured in the Vietnam war”. (My brackets.) No wonder he wants Trump's scalp.
Now the Democrats are claiming “obstruction of justice” on the basis that the New York Times (which has become the Dems daily news sheet) reported that Comey had a memo note that said, “Trump told me 'he hopes' this will be the end of it”, [in re-relation to General Kelly’s sacking over Russian and Turkish undeclared payments].
An expression of hope seems hardly an obstruction.
Okay let’s give Comey the benefit of the doubt and assume he didn’t (easily) backdate his notes. It was only after Trump sacked Comey two weeks later that Comey came out with his memo note that the NYT interpreted as an “obstruction of justice” which is an impeachable offence.
At the time of posting this story neither the NYT nor anyone else had sighted this memo. Yet the media is prepared to believe this unsighted, self penned memo, over anything the President might say.
The most interesting part is that Comey is legally required to inform either or both Houses of any “obstruction of justice” immediately it came to his attention, under threat of three years’ jail.
Hmmm, any fair-minded person would see that this stinks like a two-day-old Obama turd. And it displays Comey as either criminally culpable or a dead set moron who
should never have been let near the FBI directorship.
Trump will win this battle as he has already appointed Judge Gorsuch  (
right) to the Supreme Court (the equivalent of our High Court) vacancy despite the Dems' angry endeavours to prevent it. 
The Way I See It....the farce continues. And I was hoping Trump cancels his overseas trip until this bullshit is settled under the new Dept-of-Justice-appointed, former FBI Director, Robert Mueller as “special counsel” to get to the truth. 
And if that takes longer than a week, Mueller is dragging his feet on a very high retainer.

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