Friday, May 19, 2017

The NEW RIGHT Has Scared The OLD FAR LEFT Further LEFT !

Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, the rancid Michael Moore, Jeremy Corbyn, Chuck Schumer, Plibersek, Macklin, Albanese, the Greens and the ABC have all moved further Left reeling in a state of shock that the Right is actually gaining more appeal. 
Common sense might dictate that this political filth move more to the centre for their political survival. But oh, no, the Left believes now more than ever that the Left is right and that the new Right is just a temporary anomaly.
Even Australia’s Greens have forsaken the frogs and quolls to get down and dirty in the politics of coal and Islam.
The slow yet deliberate move away from the loony Left by the sensible centre is in lockstep with the slow yet deliberate realisation that the cult of Islam is actually our enemy and it should not be tolerated... it should be disbanded and removed. Multiculturalism can be a success but only without Islam.
                                           The “Great Mosque of Brussels”
To allow the building of mosques is a madness as every act of terrorism against us has a mosque’s involvement. The European centre of jihadism is in Brussels, Belgium, where a massive mosque is at the centre of all violence against mainly France and now Germany. The “Great Mosque of Brussels” was donated to the cosmopolitan peoples of Brussels by guess who... Yep, the House of Saud.
The story of this mosque began in 1967, when Belgium's state coffers were empty and the nation was looking for access to cheap oil.
The mosque came with a 99 year lease and with a contract for cheap oil. The agreement included that the Saudis must have complete carte blanche of the operation of the mosque and all Imams were to be appointed by the Saudis, Imams who were known to preach a hard-line form of Wahaabist law known as Salafism, a form of Jihadist euphoria involving the worst of all extreme Islamic practices.
The Brussels centre for European based terrorism was born.
Saudi finance for foreign mosques is raised primarily through the halal certification scam which it boasts is a multi trillion dollar business and rapidly growing. The Saudis are quite open about this... it is no secret.
It is incredible that the Jihadists can explain in clear English exactly what their plans are for us, yet we blithely ignore them for fear of being called bigots or racists.
It was only a brief interruption to prayers when large quantities of a nerve gas were                                          reported discovered in the Brussles' mosque.
Of course the headquarters of the unelected EU Parliament is also in Brussels. And it also turns a blind eye to the terrorists’ plans conceived within, and carried out with the assistance of, the Great Mosque of Brussels.
 Remember this little piece-of-shit mosque graduate who, with other Muslim graduates, moved south over an invisible border to kill 130 Parisians?
Lately, apprehended terrorists are being nominated by authorities as, “already known to us”. WTF have these “authorities” and Aussie police been instructed to do? Wait until another truck mows down 20 innocent people and then call them lone wolves, so as not to embarrass the entire Islam population?
If Muslims are, or ever have been, on any watch list, they should not be allowed to reside among us. We have plenty of off-shore facilities in which to house them.  
There are no lone wolves in the Islamic killing game! They are invariably highly organised.
Islamic punishments allowed within Europe under Shariah Law such as executions of homosexuals, murderers and adulterers, amputations of those found guilty of theft and the forbidding of girls aged ten and over from going to school, the practice of child marriage and F-G-Mutilation are replicating the Saudi’s own infamous Chop Chop Square on each Friday... naturally following prayers.
And if you haven’t noticed how many major terrorist attacks in the West have followed Friday prayers (their time). Then you, like our Government, have been asleep.
The Saudis have manipulated OPEC to soften up the US with low oil prices, caused by overproduction and designed to make US exploration uneconomic. It has been hugely successful. During this time the House of Saud has been contributing tens of millions to the Clinton Foundation in the same way our former Prime Minister, Julia Gillard did. 
So who exactly does the Turnbull Government and its think tank, the ABC, support?
OPEC also successfully set out to ruin Venezuela’s oil production (above). This South American country, now in tatters, has the greatest oil reserves in the world and its economy is solely oil dependent. The Saudis are doing well down there too.
The House of Saud has accelerated its spread of extreme Wahaabism wherever it has been allowed to build mosques on foreign soil. It has a financial hand in most mosques proposed, or mosques already operating around the world, including in northern Pakistan where suicide bombers kill hundreds regularly.
The Pakistani Taliban were educated as students and given scholarships in mosques/madrasses by the Saudis and the same Imams of the Great Mosque of Brussels. They then spread over a porous border to Afghanistan with devastating results.
Inexplicably, the Muslim apologist, Obama, claimed and other Western leaders still claim the Saudis to be allies of the West and that Israel should not be trusted. Sheeeeez......what planet are these guys from?
The Way I See It.......the Islam sympathetic Left has now moved to a space that will of necessity render it dead as a political force in the very near future.

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