Thursday, May 25, 2017


I noticed one throwaway line from thousands of clever posts on my site yesterday, I took no notice of it, went to bed, woke up at 3am and couldn’t get back to sleep... this idea to stop terrorists had legs, it’s simple and it will work without killing anyone. You see, one constant with suicide bombers is that they are all as thick as pig shit. And we can use that to our advantage
This mad Muslim fighter ensures his genitals are protected for the virgins with a                                                                       concrete block
This mentally retarded Taliban suicide bomber was found with a metal pipe around his donger. His explanation was that he didn't want his 72 virgins to be disappointed 
The ISIS hierarchy is very good at placing square pegs in square holes, they would never give an intelligent recruit a suicide vest, these suicidal nutters are at the bottom of the pay scale. 
Above is a photo of the dip-shit Aussie van driver with three tons of fertiliser in the back, and the photo of the shooter with an AK47 (above), all will die. They all expect to die!
Integral to their belief in Islam is the afterlife and anyone who believes in that is either a wanker or flat out gullible. You see, all humans have an innate fear of death, it’s simply unacceptable that people should decompose as maggot food as do dead fish and roadkill. So they believe their heroes are still live, like Elvis, Jesus and Mohammed.
Are you still with me? Please stay, I won’t be long.
Elaborate crypts house the treasured belongings of the dead to while away the time with
They build statues to the dead, graves are found with playthings to amuse them when they arrive at this “other place”, others believe there are dozens of nubile teenagers waiting to be bonked, in heaven.
Fairy tale stuff, but some intelligent people have been indoctrinated in that stuff since birth, yet dumb people can be convinced of it at any time... and they are, because without that Islamic belief no-one would volunteer for a vest.
All active shooters and suicide bombers believe they are going to die as martyrs in the process of eliminating infidels, that’s part of the exercise. Their families and friends also believe their sons will die martyrs and they too will reap rewards in heaven for assisting them.
Of course the highly educated ISIS leader, that scumbag Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, (above) hasn’t fallen for that, he won’t be donning a vest or shooting up a supermarket any time soon. He simply “promotes” the wide-eyed members of the gullible Muslim underclass.
Okay, so let’s take this suicidal Manchester bloke, now that this lone-wolf bullshit has been debunked. Does anyone seriously believe he is enjoying an orgy of virgins in heaven right now? Yet it was essential that HE believed that or he would not have agreed to top himself.
So what if we scraped the flying mince off the walls and pavement, placed it all in a glass urn and baptised him as a Christian with all the attendant rites and ceremony, viewed through a television network. 
Had he been a shooter his entire body could be used.
The world must know that every suicidal murderer from now on will be baptised as a Christian post death, thereby negating the rewards of the Islamic belief system. He has never been baptised before because the Koran says he, and everyone else, was already born a Muslim.
But there is room for being 'unbaptised' as an apostate, thereby cancelling out all Islamic promises and copping a certain trip to hell.
                                           Don't bother with the flowers
Once it became clear, starting with the bits and pieces of the dull-eyed Manchester bastard, that this and all suicidal acts would be “rewarded” with a Christian baptism and burial (because we are obliged to do so as a caring people and suicide is a sin in the Christian world). That’s OUR religion and YOU committed a mortal sin in our house!  
Now there is no incentive for Muslims to commit atrocities... in fact there would be a glaring disincentive.
When this became known, actually viewed throughout the Muslim world, suicide missions would attract no volunteers and their families would counsel their loved ones not to do it.
We will baptise and give a Christian burial to all successful suicidal Muslim terrorists, and they need to know that will happen! And we can even throw in a nice slice of Bacon for good measure.
Naturally the Greens and the loony liberal Left would protest this as defiling a person’s religion without their permission. But Islam is not a religion, it is a dangerous cult of alchemy and lies and should be treated as such. Anyone who doesn’t believe that by now has been asleep.
“Je suis MCR, Let’s stand together, We will not be cowed, etc” will never work as this is exactly what al-Baghdadi wants to hear... our grief!
Of course the ABC and CNN would not broadcast the baptismal and burial ceremony. So what, plenty of networks would. 
Let's make this baptism and burial rite part of OUR belief system... it's a no brainer and it's legal! The offence was committed in our back yard and we have a right to dispose of the culprit's body in any way we wish, as we did with Osama bin Laden.
The Way I See It......nothing has worked to stop these evil mongrels so far. Our leaders’ response is to crank up the alert scales to “imminent”. Our leaders still haven’t worked out that when they expect an incident it never happens. ISIS is too smart for that, they know it needs a period of time for silly infidels to drop their guard as they did in Manchester, and they have done here. 
Okay, the solution might not be politically correct,  but neither is the slaughter of beautiful little girls

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