Wednesday, December 14, 2016

... Trump Settles Things with a Traitorous Romney

Romney has been the bookies' favourite for the position of Secretary of State for weeks but, as reported by friends of Trump last week: “The truth is that Hillary Clinton has a better chance of being reappointed as Secretary of State than Romney has of replacing
her.''   Despite media claiming it’s done and dusted for Romney, it’s a position that Trump would never allow him to have... he is simply giving him an embarrassing and humiliating work-over as payback.
"Romney will be left like an unwanted shag on a rock with not a dime of the spoils to bless himself with. 
"Recriminations aside, the Secretary of State needs to be of one geo-political mind with that of the President... and Mitt Romney is a long way from that with Trump.”
Rudy Giuliani (left) said 2 weeks ago: “It’s Secretary of State for me, or nothing”.. so the Don said nothing. Rudy is doing quite nicely anyway and is happy in the role of unofficial adviser.
Latest reports from inside the tight-lipped Transition team are that Trump has nominated Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson (below) as his Secretary of State, and is known to have a close relationship with Putin. Any thought of Romney for any top office post should be unthinkable.
No, no-one will anticipate the Don, that’s the way he likes it, and the only sure bet is that he will shake the shit out of DC. And the shit includes so many Left-leaning Conservatives like Romney and McCain who have both tried and failed miserably at a tilt at the Presidency. If DC is shaken for long enough, the cream will come to the
top. Not so with Canberra where it seems the lees always settles on top, and it can’t be skimmed off.
But we’re a very small player in Trump’s game. He is about to change the world back to normalcy in both trade and geopolitics and he has an astonishingly good grip on both for an outsider.
Obama is as useless as his Kenyan brother (below) and he has set America back a decade, as Turnbull has Australia. Obama’s only legacy is one million lost lives and five million displaced Muslims who are now determined to spit their toxic Islamic venom across the West. Turnbull’s legacy is um... well, apart from an assassination of a first-term PM, he’ll never really have one, in fact he’s best forgotten altogether.

Australia is in need of a meaningful responder to Trump, there is a lot to be gained with a Prime Minister smart enough to play him at his game. Turnbull taking selfies with Obama after Trump had just rid the nation of him (above) is not a good look, there or here. Really, Turnbull needs to go now.
Turnbull was castigated by his selfy mate Obama when he omitted to mention the Chinese takeover of Darwin port. You would think that might interest the Americans, Turnbull obviously thought not. 
We are the spokesnation for South East Asia. That position earns almost Cabinet status in the Trump Administration.Trump needs to be able to make a phone call to Canberra before making decisions affecting India, China and regional Asia. He despises wafflers and Turnbull is the quintessentially annoying waffler. 
Apart from gambling with other people’s money as a merchant banker, he has failed horribly at everything political.
We now need someone who can match the guile and foresight of Trump. We need
climate logic, welfare efficiency, Islamic vetting and the nerve to give the finger to the UN’s IPCC and UNHCR. Could Turnbull and the stick insect (Julie Bishop) (photo right) do that?    Of course not!
So forget Andrew Bolt’s determination to reinstate Abbott. A change must be made, but to whom?
The Way I See be honest, I don’t have a clue, and I think that is also the Party’s quandary. No-one in the House or Senate is a Party-room vote magnet. “What about Cory Bernadi?” I hear you scream. Well, there is nothing stopping a Senator becoming PM, it’s happened before, notably with John Gorton, and Queensland’s Campbell Newman was voted in as leader of a lacklustre Party when he wasn’t even a Member of State Parliament but Cory isn’t the saviour that the short-lived Campbell was.
Labor can do what it wants with Shorten, he can never be a player in this new world game.

But it’s also a problem finding a Liberal the equal of the artful Trump.

See my November 28 posting entitled: Bill Shorten is a Dead Man Walking and in Deep Shit!

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