Monday, December 12, 2016


NOTE: APEC Peru 2016 (Spanish: APEC Perú 2016) was the XXVIII year-long hosting of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meetings in Peru, which was culminated with the XXIV APEC Economic LeadersMeeting.

Only Julia Gillard surpassed Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in joint verbal masturbation with Barack Obama. Malcolm discovered a new-found urge to bite pillows as he lauded the wonderful legacy of his African-American friend. He actually bemoaned the fact that he did not have the Executive jurisdiction to reign for yet another four years. Never has Malcolm exposed his realpolitik so precisely and without shame to all back home and to anyone listening.
To display his honest belief that Obama has actually succeeded at any damned thing is more than stupid, it’s at variance with the opinion of most of the world. It is also a slap in the face to the President-elect who may decide to reciprocate when it comes to Malcolm.
Not wise, one would think, to put yourself in the same box as Gillard when she too fawned over arguably the worst US President in history. The entire D of C was squirming in embarrassment as neither could keep their touchy feely hands off each of their respective ample body parts. An embarrassment to Australia mostly as the White House knew what to expect from Presidents’ sexual impulses.
Malcolm Turnbull has done himself damage. The world has moved on past the inept Obamas, Hollandes and Merkels. There’s a stirring movement about to unfold in the UK and continental Europe in concert with Donald Trump's America. 
The old hoax of global warming, coal-hating, windmill-promoting, Green fanaticism is about to collapse, the never ending hordes of Islamic unknowns are about to dry up. ISIS is about to be dealt the coup de grace Obama couldn’t stomach. WTF doesn’t Turnbull understand? 
The Way I See It.........the hard Left globalists are dying an overdue and well-deserved death and it appears Turnbull is happy to die with them. Or maybe he’s happy to have true Conservatives kill him off in an honourable suicide pact, because he now has no place on either side of politics. 
If Turnbull is not replaced by early next year, Australia will be handed a grub like Shorten on a very dirty plate. 

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