Monday, December 12, 2016

Teaching Children to be Stupid and Poor !

     According to the latest international comparison, Australian kids are falling further behind in Maths and English, despite ever-larger sums of taxpayer cash being poured into the Chalk-Industrial Complex.
 One reason we're raising another generation of dolts: propaganda passed off as wisdom
Our poor younger generation. Not only are they too busy being indoctrinated in Leftist propaganda, their teachers seem too lazy or stupid to notice they are
teaching nonsense.
The Dead-Shits that make up the Green/Left lobby Cool Australia, backed by Labor’s teacher unions and Bendigo Bank, is achieving massive success in brainwashing school students about the inhumanity of the federal government’s asylum-seeker policies, the evils of capitalism, and our imminent climate peril. 
The Cool Australia’s teaching templates are now being used by 52,540 teachers in 6,676 primary and high schools (71% of total schools). The courses have impacted just over a million students via 140,000 lessons downloaded for classes this year alone.  Disgusting !
Cool Australia has marshaled a team of 19 professional curriculum writers who offer teachers and pupils easy templates for lessons that include the sustainability mantra along with green and anti-government propaganda...
Much of the Cool material, such as lessons advocating recycling and energy-saving, is largely harmless, even beneficial. But material on hot-button political topics is designed to turn students into green activists and anti-conservative bigots. 
On asylum seekers, the basic “text” is the film “Chasing Asylum” by activist
Eva Orner, (left) whose intention is to shame Australia and mobilise international pressure against the Pacific solution. At least eleven different lessons for Years 9-10 feature her cinematic agitprop, billed as a “documentary”. The film hardly conforms to the supposed professed 'apolitical''nature of Cool Australia courses. The film’s descriptor reads: 
Chasing Asylum exposes the real impact of Australia’s offshore detention policies and explores how ‘The Lucky Country’ became a country where leaders choose detention over compassion and governments deprive the desperate of their basic human rights... Chasing Asylum explores the mental, physical and fiscal consequences of Australia’s decision to lock away families in unsanitary conditions hidden from media scrutiny, destroying their lives under the pretext of saving them. 
...A depressed boat person says, “I heard Australia is a safe country, a humane country, it respects people and refugees”. Another says, “I have to forget my dreams here” and “Please don’t forget about us, please don’t leave us here”. A group of boat people chant, “We want our freedom!”. For added music-themed emotional impact, we see children’s drawings of themselves crying behind bars, with commentary: “They are growing up on white phosphate rock in mouldy, damp tents. They have no privacy and no space.” Director Orner claimed last June that “we are the only people in the world that keeps children in indefinite detention.” 
Cool Australia, which boasts that its material is kept up to date, doesn't enlighten the gullible teachers that the number of children detained on Nauru has fallen from 167 in October 2014 to only 45 last October. That sort of data might spoil the narrative. The Green slime just keeps the bullshit flowing.
A whole course for Years 9-10, involving ten lessons, is devoted to the book This Changes Everything”, an anti-capitalism, anti-fossil-fuel polemic by Canadian activist scumbitch Naomi Klein.[2] She advocates populist uprisings – “Blockadia” — against fossil-energy developments, and for gigantic dollar transfers to (mostly corrupt) Third World governments to repay the West’s (mythical) “climate debt”. She attacks even the major green groups such as WWF and Nature Conservancy as sell-outs to the fossil-fuel industry.[3] 
One Cool Australia lesson about Klein’s book is titled, Climate Changes vs Capitalism [4] It decries the impact on the environment of “our economic system’s push for continual growth” and the “quality of life for all people”.[5] [6] In an unintentionally revealing disclosure, Cool Australia’s Teacher Notes describe the supposed climate crisis as “an opportunity for a new economic model that accounts for both people and the planet in a just and sustainable way… After all, it will be young people who will inherit the world we have created… and who will reinvent a different future.”. 
It is a shock to realize that 50,000 teachers are taking in their stride this sort of officially-endorsed green loopiness.
“Students will then analyse a proposed plan for wealthy countries to pay Ecuador not to sell its oil, and write arguments to explain their position on the strategy of having wealthy countries compensate poorer countries for not exploiting their oil reserves.” 
Worth noting is that Ecuador vainly sought from the West a total $US3.5b to refrain from oil production in the Yasuni basin. Having reneged on various Western loans, Ecuador is now dependent on Chinese aid, to be repaid by stepped-up oil production. Ecuador now risks becoming one of China's client states. One can only wonder if or how teachers convey such real-world complexities to their 16-year-olds. 
To demonstrate the inhumanity of Western capitalism, the course falls back on the Exxon Valdez oil spill of nearly 30 years ago and Shell’s oil exploitation and pollution in the Niger delta.[8] Shell’s worst spill was in fact nearly 50 years ago. The Niger Delta this century has degenerated into civil wars, while most of the oil-spill pollution involves breaking of pipelines to steal oil. The course, however, hectors students with questions like, “How would Australians react if, every year, an Exxon Valdez-worth of oil spilled into waterways in one of their communities? Why do you think so much oil has been allowed to spill in the Niger Delta for more than fifty years?” 
Klein, awardee last month of the “tremendous honor” of the lunar-Left’s Sydney Peace Prize, gives Venezuela a big tick for poverty reduction and independence from Western oil barons. Back in the real world, oil-rich but socialist Venezuela is now barely staving off bankruptcy and starvation. 
Students are served up extracts from the book and tested on how well they have grasped Klein’s message. One case study is Indian villagers’ protests against a new coal-fired power station. Teacher notes include: Explore alternatives to economic growth that serve human needs and minimise the impact on the environment. Begin by having students read the This Changes Everything book excerpt…List the strategies described in the text. 
The notes do not mention that energy poverty – chiefly, the lack of cheap and reliable electricity — is the main force consigning the Third World’s poor to destitution. Instead, teachers provide students with Cool’s inane questions. A typical asininity: “How do you think climate change would be affected if the global economy collapsed?” And here’s another leading question:
“What impacts is (sic) coal having on our environment? (Suggested answer: Coal mining activities are having a devastating effect on the Great Barrier Reef, and is affecting food production, water security and communities across the nation.)” 
The Way I See it.......of course no material contrary to the dark-Green’s shtick is provided. So schools using this material are teaching students not only to be pig ignorant but poor.
It is scandalous that this stuff is used in schools. No doubt the left-leaning Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull Government will do something about it any day now.
Or, then again, maybe......don't hold your breath. 

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