Friday, May 17, 2013

Obama Policy: Smear Any-And-All Whistleblowers !

It's On !  As the White grapples with a growing backlash over its Libya lies and lapses, President Obama's apologists.  This, after coming hot on the heels of further relations from whistleblowers last week on the Internal Revenue Service, back by Obama, singling out rich Romney campaign donors and Tea Party members by mainly subjecting them to some heavy-duty auditing procedures. The leaks keep coming. The Obama administration, which has a chilling zeal for investigating leaks and prosecuting leakers, has failed to offer a credible justification for secretly combing through the phone records or reporters and editors at The Associated Press in what looks like a fishing expedition for sources and an effort to frighten off whistleblowers.

Last Friday's revelation that Attorney General Eric Holder's Justice Department officials admitted they had been going through the A.P.'s records for months. The dragnet covered work, home and cellphone records used by almost 100 people at one of the oldest and most reputable news organizations. James Cole, a deputy attorney general, offered no further explanation this week, saying only ''that it was a part of a criminal investigation involving highly classified material.'' This action against The A.P., as the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press outlined in a letter to Mr Holder, ''calls into question the very integrity of the administration's policy toward the press.''

Get ready.....bring out the tar buckets! Operation SMEAR THE WHISTLEBLOWERS is coming. The State Department press office already has accused Victoria Toensing, attorney for one of the Benghazi whistleblowers of ''lying'' about administration pressure on her clients. Left-wing operatives funded by scumbag billionaire George Soros have taken to Twitter to mock reports of fear and intimidation among the new witnesses. White House patsy, press secretary Jay Carney continues to sing, ''Long, long ago'' and deny all wrongdoing. And one anonymous State Department official told Fox News reporter James Rosen that Hicks and Thompson have ''axes to grind.''

Gee, who wouldn't have an ''axe to grind'' if your bosses lied to you, blocked you from saving your co-workers and friends, and lied shamelessly and repeatedly to the American people about the reasons for their deaths. It's this corrupt and vengeful White House that wields the sharpest axes and biggest grindstones. The casualty count in Obama's war on whistleblowers is double-digit. For example, the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) insiders who testified before Congress about Obama's Fast and Furious gun-running nightmare faced systemic retaliation and harassment -- both from government supervisors who openly declared with hunts against them and from the liberal (Obama ass-kisser) media.

Maverick journalist Sharyl Attkisson of CBS News faced White House retaliation of her own over her Fast and Furious investigation. Department of Justice (DOJ) spokeswoman Tracy Schmaler ''was just yelling at me,'' and White House spokesman Eric Schultz ''literally screamed at me and cussed me,'' she told radio host Laura Ingraham in 2011. Also, the former DOJ attorney J. Christian Adams, who blew the whistle on Eric Holder's rule of law-perverting, race-baiting reign, was basely smeared as a ''liar'' and perjurer by DOJ proxy and Washington Post tool E.J. Dionne -- who ignored Adams' stellar career record at DOJ and unassailable sworn testimony. Shades of Richard Nixon and talk of impeachment!

Then there is Gerald Walpin, former AmeriCorps inspector general, who was pushed out of his job by the Obamas after exposing fraud and corruption perpetrated by Democratic mayor of Sacramento and Obama friend Kevin Johnson. The White House baselessly questioned the veteran watchdog's mental health and never apologized for slandering him. Even the Pleasanton Weekly (California) was bullied by the White House press shop over a benign article that irked the administration because it made Michelle Obama look snooty (which she is). The San Francisco Chronicle was punished by the White House because a media pool reporter used a cellphone to record a video of protesters at an Obama Bay Area fundraiser.

''What difference.......does it make?"
The Way I See It.....the arrogance of the Obama administration has been caught out big time. In the past week with the Benghazi cover-up being the main event and the IRS harassment of conservative NGOs and the Justice Department combing through The A.P.s records to frighten off whistleblowers this government's talk of transparency is a joke. You could see it in January when Hillary Clinton, as being grilled by Senator Ron Johnson at the Senate's Foreign Relations Committee hearing. He pressed her over and over on why didn't anyone own up to the fact it was a terrorist attack and not due to a riot over a YouTube video. She said angrily, ''Was it because of a protest or about a bunch of guys out for a walk one night and decide they want to kill some Americans......what difference at this point does it make?

I'd like to make Hillary say that if front of the bereaved familes and see if she gets hugged back. If you thought Chicago-on-the-Potomac was dirty with one scheme after another, you ain't seen nothing yet. No stone will be left unturned in the effort to slime, sully and squelch the Benghazi truth-tellers and any others who have exposed the government's underbelly. Mark my words: This is how Obama's thugs roll.

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