Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Greens Are So RED !

Tomorrow, in Australia, there is a launch of a new book that comes at an important time. It is entitled: The GREENS: Policies, Reality and Consequences and is edited by Andrew McIntyre. He says the idea for this book came from an awareness of the alarming void in media analysis of the Greens' policies at a time when they have been gaining in political strength and arrogance. Just look at their Carbon Tax being shoved down our throats for unproven effects on reducing climate change.

This book brings together leading Australian experts who look at a wide range of their policies in detail (from Agriculture to Zoophytes) to reveal an anti-democratic vision. To those people who have foolishly voted or thought of voting for the Greens this book unpacks much of the agenda of this party and its phony environmental concerns. In 21 chapters, the authors succinctly examine the Greens cherished policies and their consequences for our national prosperity. The picture is not attractive.

As the editor states in the introduction: "Taken as a whole, the impression given in reading these chapters is that the Greens have an uncontrollable urge to spend, almost everywhere and for everything; a mania for control -- through legislation and regulation of both institutions and individuals; a disturbing and unwarranted confidence in central planning (ala Marxist socialism) and belief that government knows best; an antagonism to initiatives by the private sector or individuals and at best, a systematic and naive misunderstanding, both historical and practical, of how the world works!"

This conclusion is reflected in many of the contributions. Sinclair Davidson concludes that they are "economic reactionaries who image a far less prosperous economy and restricted choices through their enforced climate agenda". Alan Oxley describes how living standards would fall under their policies; while Greg Melleuish writes about the Greens "old-fashioned ideas of centralized state control riddled through with communist intolerance." Alan Moran describes "their fundamental antipathy to the market system (capitalism) and individual choice." They will slowly erode our overall freedoms.

The Way I See It...I am sure Bob Brown, the Greens head comrade, must lie awake in bed fondling his boy friend and think of the various ways he can screw our easy going Australian way of life. Like how the Greens would like to transform marriage and family from a social institution on the well-being of children to one centred on the self-fulfilment of adults.

Individually and collectively, the authors of this book reveal the totalitarian impulse at the heart of the Green's ideology. It involves the control over, and crowding out of, other spheres of national life by massive expansion of government. It's never been about the environment, as the takeover of Greenpeace, the Environmental Defence Organisation and the Wildlife Fund by associated Marxists shows, but about redistributing the wealth of prosperous nations. The irony is that the Greens' policies would not only destroy our economy but actually make the environment worse. Always Vote NO for these devious watermelons!

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