Sunday, July 3, 2011

American Exceptionalism

As another July Forth comes around and I, being a duel-citizen of two of the best countries in the world, will take a long moment to reflect on what makes the United States of America exceptional. Just two days ago some Harvard professors, once again showing their true colours as elitist, socialist, anti-American scum, stated that the celebration of the 4th of July is a right-wing political event to manipulate the feeling of patriotism in young people to vote Republican. Can you believe that these academic idiots are spouting this crap?

It's become fashionable among the liberal (read commie) elite to downplay, deride, even deny America's greatness. The political correctness police insist that America is "hated" around the world for being too big, too powerful, too rich, too successful, too loud, too intrusive. And besides, it's not nice to brag. They are completely missing the point.

America's greatness, America's exceptional greatness, is not based on that fact that the U.S. is the most powerful, most prosperous and most generous nation on earth. Rather, those things are the result of American Exceptionalism. To understand this Exceptionalism one must understand it's unique birth as a nation. It is found in the simple yet utterly remarkable principles expressed in the Declaration of Independence. It has made the nation exceptional because unlike any nation before or since....its citizens are united by the belief and the promise that no king, no government, no ruling class has the power to infringe upon the rights of the individual. And when such a government attempts to do so, the citizens will vigorously reject those attempts.

Sadly, many politicians and leaders today have forgotten that sacred commitment to these ideals. The government has strayed alarmingly far from the scope of limited powers framed by the Founders. Meanwhile, the left-leaning (read Democrat-loving) media create stories that portray America as a bully and a thief, lowering American's self-esteem. Even their own president seems clueless, assuring his people that, yes, yes, he believes in American exceptionalism "....just like the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism," he says. What a joke!

This president got his anti-Americanism from his drunken, socialist loser Kenyan father and commie-loving white mother. It was instilled over time so that his father's anti-colonial vehemence of German, English, French and Spanish colonisation transposed into hatred for America. And for the 20 years before he was elected, sitting every Sunday in Jeremiah Wright's congregation hearing over and over, "God Damn America!!" Is it any wonder that he is the way he is?

Obama is intentionally bankrupting the country for future generations so he can reform the American democratic system into a replica of the failed European socialist welfare system of government. Obama uses the language of a Third World leader as he tries to pit rich against poor, unions against employers and threatening other private-sector "enemies". This despot's actions satisfies his need for power, to hang to power and to further his parent's warped ideology.

The Way I See It....the belief in American Exceptionalism leads to a smaller, more effective, accountable and limited government but Obama has no intent to make American great again. The American revolutionaries did not shed their blood for the welfare state; nor did they aim to replace the arbitrary rule of King George for another despot with his own oppressive bureaucracy that tries controlling all aspects of their lives. Instead, they fought for individual liberty, so that it made America a true exception among all other nations.

Americans are not perfect and they really screwed up Big-Time when they elected this political devil to be their President. Sure, the historic idea of a black president sounded great but now their children and grandchildren will pay for the election of this man, who is historic in the sense of his ignorance, his stubbornness, his incompetence and his contempt for the American system. With his TRILLIONS in spending, the debt burden for each individual citizen is now up to $550,000!!!

EDITORS NOTE: I strongly recommend reading "THE ROOTS of OBAMA'S RAGE" by New York Times Bestselling Author, Dinesh D'Souza for a definitive insight into this despicable man.

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  1. I don't pretend to understand all the variables and nuances regarding Politics and the cultural dynamics of the USA. However as you know I lived and studied in America for a while, beginning in 1981. A period when America had just suffered through the 1970's including Vietnam, Watergate, and the debacle of Jimmy Carters well intentioned but desperately out of it's depth Presidency. America was needing to regain it's soul and belief in it's self. To rediscover the greatness that resided in the fabric of it's soul but which appeared to be lost. Along came a man by the name of Ronald Reagan who spoke of making America great again ... He told America that it could once again be the 'City on a Hill'. Whatever one thinks of Regan's other achievements or otherwise, or his infamous 'Reganomic's', one has to admit the man was a leader of the people. I saw first hand the re awakenibg of the American people's soul to a new day of courage, inspiration, core values, and the greatness that had been lying dormant through much of the agony of the 1970's. Ronald Reagan showed America and by definition it's people, it's own exceptionalism. Before too long America once again believed it was what it always had been ... A 'City on a Hill' ... A country who embodied and once again embraced it's own 'Exceptionalism'. I feel we need men and women who are genuine authentic leaders ... who are guided by a 'True North' compass and not just a road map, as important as road maps are they cannot provide the Wisdom, Purpose, Values, Direction and Meaning of a Compass.