Sunday, July 17, 2011

FLANNERY'S FOLLY - His Bullshit Predictions!

Tim Flannery is to Australia what Al Gore is to the United States....a warmist idiot! Both have no climate science credentials and both have tried for years to terrify us into thinking human-made climate change will destroy the Earth as we know it by wiping out whole civilisations, melt polar ice caps and drown entire cities under hot sea water.

He's so good at spouting this disaster scenario that he has been hired by our government to continue to scare us stupid as part-time chairman of the government's new Climate Commission to get us to accept Julia's new tax on carbon dioxide emissions. Small problem though: after so many years of hearing Flannery's predictions, we're now able to see if some of the scariest have actually panned out. So before we buy into a great green tax on Flannery's word it may pay to check out his record. READY??

In 2005, Tim predicted Sydney's dams could be dry in as little as 2 years because global warming was dry up rainfall and leaving the city in dire straights. RESULT: Sydney's dam levels today are at 73 per cent!

In 2007, Tim predicted that Brisbane would never again have dam-filling rains, as global warming has caused "a 20% decrease in rainfall in eastern Australia and made the soil too hot "so even the rain that falls isn't going to fill up the river systems...." RESULT: The 2011 state-wide Queensland floods were a doosey which scientists put down to an extreme El Nino event not to Al Gore's global warming rationalising.

Flannery's scare-mongering over spreading continental drought saying, "Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane needed desalinated water urgently, possibly in as little as 18 months." Queensland's premier took those prediuctions so seriously he spent more than $1 billion of taxpayers money on a desalination plant. RESULT: That plant today is mothballed indefinitely, now that rains have returned.

Many of Flannery's big predictions date from 2007. That was when warming alarmism reached the most hysterical pitch and this bullshit artist was named Australian of the Year. But Tim didn't stop there. In 2008 he claimed that the Great Barrier Reef is "already being damaged by man-made warming and will become a bleached out disaster by 2011." RESULT: A new study by the Australian Institute of Marine Science concedes "we found NO evidence of consistent, system-wide decline in coral cover since 1995."

Another tip Flannery gave to us in that year of warming guilt and terror..."the social licence of coal use is rapidly being withdrawn globally by governments," worried by the warming allegedly caused by burning the stuff. (Of course he never checked on what China and India thought.) He just went ahead harping that we should switch to "green" power instead and, knowing full-well that wind turbines and solar panels were an insignificant option, highly recommended Geothermal --pumping water on to hot rocks deep underground to create steam. "There are enough hot rocks in South Australia to potentially have enough energy in them to run our economy for the best part of a century," he said and added, "The technology is to do this is relatively straightforward."

In 2009, to promote this "straightforward" technology, the Rudd government awarded $90 million to Geodynamics to build a geothermal power plant in the very area Tim recommended. (Coincidentally, Flannery is a Geodynamics shareholder.) RESULT: Oops! The technology Tim said was "relatively straightforward" wasn't. It's technological and financing difficulties mean there is no certainty now that a commercial-scale plant will ever get built, let alone prove viable.

The Way I See It....Tim Flannery would've been given the Bullshit Alarmist of the Year Award a lot sooner if the Lame-Stream Media would've done it's job of making him answerable to the Australian public for his idiotic lies and predictions. Thankfully most of the public is not so gullible and polls indicate that less and less people subscribe to the notion that we are responsible for global warming and realize that Mother Earth gets hot-flushes every so often.

We should all ask Flannery, Combet, Gullard & Brown what will the billion tonnes of carbon reduction actually reduce the temperature by in 2020? If America, Japan, China and India, the four biggest emitters of carbon do nothing, how is our piddling contribution supposed to save the world?

Startlingly, Tim recently admitted on Andrew Bolt's radio show that this Carbon Tax will not lower the global temperature 1 degree in 100 years...but possibly in a 1000 years if the other countries joined us! This is a startling admission and I believe there, at long last, may be some light of reality creeping into the warmist camp. Hopefully. Incidentally, Tim is on $3,600 a week of our taxpayer's money for working 3 days a week. That's $180,000 a year for more Top Grade Bullshit coming our way no doubt!

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