Saturday, April 16, 2011

Who Are We Fighting For ?

On March 20th, in Florida. Pastor Terry Jones conducted a mock trail of the Koran "for crimes against humanity" and set it ablaze. Few bothered to notice. But Hamid Karzai did.

On March 24th, this president of Afghanistan, the West's ratbag ally in the war with even worse ratbags, ( al-Qaida and the Taliban ) , condemned this "crime against Islam and the entire Muslim nation," called on the United States to bring Jones to justice and demanded "a satisfactory response to the anger of over 1.5 billion Muslims around the world."

Thus Karzai made sure his countrymen knew what happened 10,000 miles away and after Friday prayers in Mazer-e-Sharif, a mob, further inflamed by imans descended on the U.N. compound. When they left, seven U.N. employees lay dead, two of them beheaded! Not one country told them that to respond with irrational violence against people who were not involved with the burning is just savagery. And here we are sending our troops to fight in a dead-shit country to save medieval dead-shits from another bunch of fanatical dead-shits. Who and what are we fighting for?

These killers are monstrous Muslim scum. They have assassinated innocent people who were in their country to help with protection and support. And yet instead of calling them monstrous bastards and demanding that Islamic leaders stop inciting and approving such behavior, Western governments and media elites are blaming not the murderers and rioters, but the man behind the Koren-burning. This assumed that the Muslims who were rioting and killing had no control over their reactions and this could not be held accountable for them: according to misguided leftists, it is the West's responsibility to make sure the Islamic world behaves in a civilized manner. Oh Please!! How paternalistic and ethnocentric of those most committed to multiculturalism and will appease at any price.

Obama and Ban Ki-Moon found the burning of the Koran distasteful, as I do. But that was why they should have stood up for Terry Jones. Obama could have said: "While I disapprove of this Koren-burning, in America we believe that freedom of expression is a fundamental bulwark against tyranny and the hallmark of a truly FREE SOCIETY, and it requires us to put up with things we don't like without responding with violence, like you assholes." He could, in short, have used Jones' barbecued Koran as a teaching tool to demonstrate why free societies are preferable to archaic Sharia states. But instead, he, Ki-Moon and the "lame-stream" media effectively reinforced the principle that violent intimidation works, instead of telling these "rabid dogs" to grow up and act like civilized people. These Muslims are demanding that free people change to the way they behave so instead of only getting fleas we'll be getting a case of rabies as well! Not likely!

The Way I See it....everyone in the world is so busy condemning Terry Jones that they have forgotten about freedom of expression and why it is so important to reinforce even when we find the expression detestable---indeed, especially in such cases. And so, if we continue down this path, one thing is certain: That which is not understood or valued will not be protected and so it will be lost.

Those who appease and censor themselves today to keep from offending Muslims may wish in the the not-to-distant future that they had stood up more robustly for their freedom of speech when it was threatened. But by then, when they're beheaded, there will be no chance for them to get that word out.

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