Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Global Recanting of Multiculturalism: Part 2

I really cringe when I hear politicians talk of MULTICULTURALISM in the context of the immigrants living in their country. They are doing their citizens a disservice by promoting this concept to the world's migratory peoples. This why the European countries are now confronted with the possibility of becoming EUR-ARABIA. Thankful, as you read in my last posting, they are doing something about addressing the complete indifference these migrants show in not assimilating with their host country's values, culture and even language.

The more correct word should be MULTIRACIAL in the context of having mixed races living in one's country but strictly mandating that these people accept and absorb the culture of that country with all its ramifications and rewards. To tolerant anything less is inviting disaster both socially and morally to the fabric of that original society.

So in Australia, last month, we hear our Immigration Minister Chris Bowen fob off the misgivings and concern of the European countries to their immigrant's non-assimilation by saying, "They may be having second thoughts about their multicultural policies but here in Australia, multiculturalism is doing well in all its aspects." REALLY Mr Bowen? Let me read you a letter sent to the Herald Sun newspaper, from a Greg Sheridan.

In 1993, my family and I moved into Belmore in southwest Sydney. It is the next suburb to Lakemba. When I moved there I loved it. On the other side of Belmore, away from Lakemba, there were lots of Chinese, plenty of Koreans, growing numbers of Indians and on the Lakemba side lots of Lebanese and Arabs. That was an attraction, too. I like Middle Eastern food. I like Middle Eastern people and liked the Asian influence as well. But in the nearly 15 years we lived there, the suburb changed and much for the worse.

Three dynamics interacted in a noxious fashion: the growth of a macho, misogynist culture among young men that often found expression in extremely violent crime: a pervasive atmosphere of anti-social behaviour in the streets: and the simultaneous growth of Islamist extremism and jihadi culture. I was shocked to discover the growth of this despicable jihadi culture in Lakemba.

One day, waiting for a pizza order, I wandered into the Muslim bookshop. I was astounded to see titles such as The International Jew and The truth about the Pope amid a welter of other anti-Semitic, anti-Christian and pro-extremist literature. I remembered that a large number of those charged with terrorism offences in Australia stayed in or had associations within the area. I also recalled the brilliant and fearless reporting of this paper's Richard Kerbaj, who spoke perfect Arabic and exposed that in a number of mosques in the area outright hatred was being preached: anti-Semitic, misogynist and conspiratorial being the prime subjects.

The advent of satellite television made it easier for these folks to live a life apart from us. Hezbollah's Al Manar TV station was available on satellite packages. Most Arab homes you went into had Arabic TV playing in the background as children were playing. Just imagine the next bunch of anti-social behaviour we'll be facing as these people keep breeding and their brood grows up.

The Way I See It....Chris Bowen, MP had better wake up, take off those Rose-Coloured Glasses and seriously take-the-hint from our European friends and the Congressional hearings taking place in the United States because all is not well in Gotham City. Aside from his government's inadequate Boat People policy (which was covered in a previous posting) he must not let the Muslims turn our democratic system against us by enjoying the privilege of disseminating their filthy ideas in book stores and mosques without consequences; like DEPORTATION.

I would also like see careful monitoring of the books in the Islamic schools that are sprouting up. And let's not give into the the cry of "victimization" through our actions. First and foremost, if those Muslim communities in this country can't police themselves and expose the underlying jihadi conspirators then we'll have to scrutinize them more closely. After all, it's our culture, language and values they need to absorb to enjoy a free aussie way of life. If they don't like it....LEAVE!!!

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