Saturday, April 2, 2011

Carbon Tax Shock Downunder!

Australians were shocked yesterday to see how the real impact of Prime Minister, Julia Gillard's leaked Carbon Tax proposal will hit their home budgets. This is the same ass-kissing-Greens Laborite who lied when she said she wasn't going to bring in a Carbon Tax during her election campaign and then tried to talk the United State's President Obama, at last month's visit, into joining her in implementing this no-win, tax. Thankfully the US Congress isn't buying it

Australian households face price rises of $863 a year - $16.60 a week - for essentials including electricity, gas, petrol and food under the Federal Government's tax. This doesn't factor in small business people's expenses. Secret Treasury documents revealed that these figures are based on a tax of $30 a tonne and were prepared on February 1. If the tax on petrol is excluded the price for households is ONLY $608 a year - $11.70 a week. For the tax to cut our emissions by the Government's target, petrol and farm emissions will later have to be included and the $30 a tonne must certainly rise, in all likelihood to $80 a tonne!!!

A week ago, before this revelation hit-the-fan, our newly appointed climate commissioner, Warmist-Fanatic-at-Large, Tim Flannery was in a Washington, D.C. newspaper. He tried to sway politicians to see the "logic" in a Carbon Tax. Mr Flannery is only a zoologist and author of a book on climate change and compares skeptics of global warming to "'flat Earth believers." But he made an amazing point that most global warming alarmists gloss over when he threw down this lightening bolt in an interview: "Even if every country in the world cuts emissions today, global temperatures are not likely to drop for about a thousand years because the 'system' is overburdened with CO2 and its absorption only happens slowly." Of course he still ignores that fact that CO2 only comprises .0038% of our atmosphere and that temperatures were 3 degrees WARMER in 900 AD when the Vikings were running around in short pants and enjoying their new found Greenland.

The stunned interviewer said: "That doesn't seem like a good deal...surely someone must have done the sums that for all these billions of dollars we're spending on renewable programs and pushing carbon caps that it's got to have a consequence in terms of cutting the world's temperature by a fair amount...right?'' Flannery responded: "It's going to be slight."

The Way I See It....a thousand years is a long time to wait for results for the economy-killing trillions going to be spent in the next few years. I find it hard to believe that Julia and her idiot Climate Minister Greg Combet continue to give credence to the smug Bob Brown's Greens agenda (see photo) and other warmist non-experts as Flannery and their stuffed-shirt economist (promoted to chief adviser) Ross Garnaut. Australia has three major climate scientists in residence that the Labor government can ask for factual advice but foolishly ignores them, all to the future determent of the Australian people and their economy unless the majority of Parliamentarians come to their senses and stop its passage in its tracks. One wag has suggested there should be an appropriately named "ass-hole tax" for Parliamentarians so they can personally feel the effects of a tax burden. I'm sure Bob Brown and his boyfriend will "end-up" in the higher bracket as excess users.

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