Saturday, December 16, 2017

We Have a Problem with the SUNDANESE #3 ! ( AFRICAN PACK ATTACK )


Back in April 26, 2011 and again on January 28th, 2014 I posted articles on this Blog entited; We Have a Problem with the Sudanese #1 & #2.  I was outlining the increasing trouble in a number of Australian cities that Sudanese refugees that were causing violence to our citizens and the problems the Victorian police department is facing everyday. Still, not a month goes by without some Sudanese scum breaking the law. Now this:

Police struggled to contain the situation as young people of African appearance fought each other and assaulted bystanders early
Thursday morning. It's time to bring back the WHIPPING POST!
Before that was the Moomba riot as well as mass brawls at several Sudanese beauty pageants.
Police statistics show the Sudanese-born are 128 times more likely than other Victorians to commit violent robberies, and 68 times more likely to commit home invasions.
Ten more recent attacks in and around Melbourne over the past month:
1-3: Three attacks around Springvale Station, one leaving the victim with a broken jaw
4: Violent Noble Park mugging
The Way I See It.....the unvarnished truth helps us to understand what we are facing, too. Gert Wilders, in his visit to our country a few months ago told us how his country, the Netherlanders, has had a gutful of benevolent multiculturalism (you know, lots of welfare) and is putting a stop to Muslim immigration and he warns us to take heed. Immigration today too often looks like colonisation. Done badly, the host country is left with unassimilated minorities colonising poor suburbs and turning  them into ghettos.

Plugged into satellite TV, these parasites maintain their culture and language and, fortified by welfare, keep their distance. Add militant Islam, and some suburbs can become the fault line of a culture war, particularly when young men return from fighting in jihadist groups, as hundreds of Australians are now doing in Syria. I am certainly not saying that this is yet a serious problem here in Australia, but then again, what else are Dreyfus, the ABC, and SBS not telling us?

Thankfully, the Federal government usurping the incompetant Victorian government and is making plans to initiate a DEPORTATION ruling were any African bastard over 16 that in in a gang and participates in criminal behavior will sent back o the shit-hole they came from. Preferably from a height of 10,000 meters out of the airplane's door!

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