Wednesday, December 13, 2017

FBI Investigation Finds OATH Against President, Forced Resignations Loom !

Deputy Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) Director Andrew McCabe  was caught holding a private meeting with top officials at the FBI where he reportedly said “F—k Flynn, and then we f—k Trump.”
McCabe has had several meetings in this fashion and now finds himself in hot water as the Trump appointed FBI Director Christopher Wray (above) begins to isolate agents in order to tear down the deep state corruption.

James Comey, then FBI Director, neglected to look into the meetings McCabe was conducting. McCabe was successful in ousting Michael Flynn, then National Security Advisor, who supported Robin Gritz in a letter after the FBI supervisory agent launched a harassment suit against McCabe.
The FBI has been under scrutiny for becoming a corrupt partisan agency after they rigged the investigation into Hillary Clinton. The corruption in the Clinton case was also tied to the Department of Justice when Lorretta Lynch, then attorney general, met with Bill Clinton in a private plane at an
airport. The meeting was supposed to be kept secret, however, after photos captured the two, they told the press the meeting was impromptu and not case related.

The FBI was told during the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign to call the investigation into her private Email server a “matter.” This was to intentionally mislead the American people of Clinton’s serious crimes and legal issues. The FBI would later make a statement calling her actions “extreme carelessness” instead of gross negligence. The two terms are virtually indistinguishable by definition.
Then FBI director James Comey held a press conference on the conclusion of his investigation into Hillary Clinton where he explained he was not recommending prosecution. Comey noted, that although what she did was clearly against the law and provided a serious risk to the American people, he could not prove intent. Intent is not a threshold needed to prosecute on gross negligence however.
Using these semantics, the FBI was able to avoid labeling Clinton’s crimes in the private Email server case which she was clearly guilty. Loretta Lynch only days after meeting with Clinton’s husband announced that the Department of Justice would not be pursuing charges against Hillary Clinton. This was a coordinated effort to relieve a criminal of responsibility so she could continue her campaign for presidency.
At the same time the FBI was colluding with the Department of Justice to advance Hillary Clinton’s career, they were actively attempting to undermine the Trump campaign. The FBI is suspected of using a dossier funded by the Democratic National Committee(DNC) in order to obtain a warrant to wire tap the Trump campaign. The dossier has been revealed as nothing more a fictitious document with no basis in fact.
Bruce Ohr  -----------------Christopher  Steele
The dossier was produced by former British spy, Christopher Steele. Associate Deputy General for the Department of Justice, Bruce Ohr, was demoted after it was revealed that he met with Steele during the 2016 presidential campaign. He also met with the founder of Fusion GPS, who employed Steele to assemble the dossier, after the election.
If that didn’t reek of collusion enough, Ohr’s wife was employed by the firm during the 2016 election campaign. It is unclear how involved she was with creating the dossier on Trump.
Congress has requested information from the FBI and Department of Justice who have mostly been uncooperative and continue to obstruct their investigation into the corruption. It is reported that McCabe is set to resign in the coming weeks as Wray continues to investigate FBI agents.
McCabe (above) is scheduled to testify in front of the House Intelligence Committee before Congress is out of session for Christmas recess. McCabe was supposed to testify Tuesday but the Justice Department said there was a scheduling issue, “The FBI regrets the error, and we look forward to making both witnesses available…” The other witness being Steele’s FBI handler.
The Way I See Christopher Wray’s investigation into the FBI’s top brass continues, many agents are susceptible to demotions, firing and forced retirement. The extent of corruption in the FBI and Department of Justice has led both agencies to suffer credibility issues. Their reluctance to cooperate with Congress has drawn further suspicion. If McCabe retires before he can be subpoenaed, it would serve to obstruct justice.

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