Wednesday, November 15, 2017


By Larry Pickering: Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.

A very hard working lady friend of mine cleaned hotel rooms for a living and had asked to excuse herself from cleaning rooms that had been occupied by male homosexuals. The hotel had acceded to her request as the rooms were unbearably disgusting. Fecal matter was strewn from the bath tub to chairs and walls and the bedding was discarded rather than washed. 
Now, I can only go by what she told me and there might be some exaggeration involved, but the hotel used a bunch of blokes in hazmat gear to clean the rooms up. 
The proposed Bill to deal with this Yes Vote might create a few problems; for instance, can that hotel refuse admission to homosexuals known to the management, and if so, on what grounds?
Can a taxi cab refuse to take certain fares like it does now for drunks? Can a restaurant refuse patrons? Can a football team refuse a player’s registration due to the concerns of other players? 
Of course religion will always be cited as a reason. So if religion is used as a basis for objection why shouldn’t polygamous Muslims also be discriminated against, including Indians who are also apt to marry underage girls?
The stupidity of the High Court in its decisions over “dual citizenship” could extend to rulings governing “same sex” rights that will fall within or without or on the border line of this proposed legislation.
The Gay Greens are already claiming victory, but it could be a phyrric one, as legal decisions combined with PC are a looming nightmare and will not be as plain sailing as the gay brigade trusts it will.
                                   Have either of you two seen my Mom?
And you can bet bakers who refuse to bake same sex wedding cakes on religious grounds will be targeted by the gays so as to set examples of those who should be punished on grounds of discrimination.
Countries that have adopted forms of gay marriage are now feeling the damaging effects of turning social mores on their head. Parental rights regarding children are at stake and the Canadian Supreme Court has already ruled against parents’ concerns over the outrageous “Safe Schools” programs that teachers sympathetic to the minority gay movement are conducting.
Tasmania’s Archbishop, Julian Porteous, (above) has already been hauled before the anti-discrimination board for distributing a pamphlet stating the church’s view that marriage was between a man and a woman.
In London, a private Jewish school faces closure after failing three State education authority ­instructions to teach girls aged three to 11, about LGBT issues including sexual orientation and gender reassignment.
                           Alan Joyce has rainbowed over our iconic airline logo
After gay marriage was passed by referendum in 2015 in Ireland, Parliament almost immediately repealed laws that provided exemptions allowing the refusal of people to abide by gay laws ­on “religious, educational or medical ­grounds”. 
                         Even the Greens say gay marriage is... "just the start".
It seems that discrimination will only have the approval of legislators if it is against the religious or straight community. Any discrimination by the gay lobby is already seen as fully justifiable, worthy and legal.
A gigantic wedge is about to be driven between gays and straights... a wedge that was not previously there. 
If gay people keep telling you this debate is only about, “whether two people who love each other can get married”, you can be certain they are lying. There is a reason why they wanted the Marriage Act trashed,
… because what the cashed-up Gays insist on now is entirely incompatible with our existing Marriage Act. 

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