Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Officials Pursuing Charges After They See What Residents Left Behind In Hurricane !

It is sometimes said that a person’s character is illuminated by the way he or she treats their animals. In a shocking case of abuse and neglect, several pet owners will likely face criminal charges for tying their animals to trees and then leaving them to face Hurricane Irma with no way of escape. Florida officials going to seek charges for these cruel offences.
In an act that many people are calling torture, 26 abandoned dogs were removed by authorities who saw the poor beasts chained to trees awaiting the deluge. Residents from a mobile home park in the Glades region had secured 23 of the dogs to trees and vehicles and then fled the coming storm. The additional dogs were found tied up in a similar manner.
Although there are a number of free resources offered on how to take care of a pet during an emergency situation, these unfeeling people obviously thought that rather than allowing their animals the ability to escape, they should be tied up and killed by the rising waters.
The Humane Society offers a detailed evacuation strategy for pet owners who need to flee an upcoming disaster. It includes getting an ID collar and preparing a disaster kit for an unexpected event. The rule is that if it isn’t safe for people, then it’s not safe for a pet. Additional disaster recommendations are also listed.
It seems odd that almost the entire mobile home park would do such a thing, but people rarely act rational when in danger. Regardless of the excuse, such behavior can indicate serious mental problems.
Much research has been done on the subject of animal cruelty. One man in the UK was jailed for 16 weeks after brutally killing his pet rabbit. He claimed that he was angry because the socialized medical plan he was under denied him a needed prescription.
Some people perform intentional torture or cruelty to animals because of a religious or artistic sacrifice, but others do so because they have psychological disorders such as paraphilia. It is also a way to intimidate women or children to keep quiet about physical abuse.
When researchers started exploring the early behavior of serial murderers and rapists in the 1970’s, they discovered that one common trait among these predators was in childhood they tortured and killed of defenseless animals.  In fact, it is now considered one of the three adolescent behaviors that is referred to as the “homicidal triad.” The other indicators are persistent bed-wetting and obsessive fire-setting.
Many criminal psychologists consider that the presence of two or more of these traits increases the risk of homicidal behavior in adulthood. Others disagree and say that they must be combined with other images of brutality such as physical abuse.
In this case of obvious animal abuse, city officials have warned that the residents responsible could face criminal charges. Dianne Sauve, head of Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control, said the department will be pursuing legal recourse against owners who abandoned their pets, leaving them tethered to places where they would not be able to escape.
Animal control personnel confirmed that  total of 26 dogs were left stranded by their owners. The animals have been rescued from Pahokee and Belle Glade Florida and are now being sheltered in the proper facilities.
The Way I See It......hopefully, the people who did this will be punished. Many animal lovers and individuals who can’t even contemplate doing such a thing to a loyal, loving pet are shocked by the cruelty these residents demonstrated. Many hope that these people didn’t have children watching their despicable act.
Perhaps the furry friends will even find new owners who will love and care for them as they deserve. The owners who ignored, neglected, and abandoned these poor pets because of some imagined inconvenience should not be allowed to own animals and they should be punished suitably for their actions.

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