Monday, September 25, 2017

Founding President of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils speaks out !

t's time to put any blame for the radicalism of Muslim youth straight back into the Muslim communities around Australia.

It is bizarre that the founding president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils speaks more frankly about the real threat than do the non-Muslim apologists on our ABC, The Age and Fairfax newspapers and those Leftist academic elitist professors stinking up our universities

Haset Sali , lawyer, writer & publisher... has attacked what he sees as the corrosive force of widespread corruption in many of Australia’s Muslim schools
He says the lack of functioning Muslim institutions is forcing many young Muslims toward the teachings of extremist imams preaching “Islamic fascism”.  Muhammad didn't come to replace all the other messengers, he came along to endorse what they had said and to add some other points people could follow (which he stresses in his book ''The Holy Quran simply" )

Australian Muslim schools have been the centre of a series of financial of corruption scandals, with five of Sydney’s Muslim schools previously having their funding frozen or placed under government or police investigations for financial mismanagement.

“It gives way to all sorts of splinter groups, and the rise of — I would go as far to say — fascist imams who are not necessarily qualified. Unfortunately a lot of the young people of who have seen what has happened to Islamic ­society in Australia have been ­attracted to these groups."
Mr Sali said “the current situation that has evolved has triggered that rise of what I bluntly call Islamic fascists”. “If this goes unchecked in Australia, in the Middle East or anywhere else, the dangers are extreme,” he said.

Feeling nervous? Thank the wilful blindness of the politicians who supervised the mass immigration programs that imported this threat in the name of stupid MULTICULTURALISM brought on by the worst Labor government lead by Geoff Whitlam  And, of course, the journalists who for years pretended there wasn’t threat.

The Way I See It......even today, the media being Politically Correct,don't mention the ethnicity of the gangs that roam our big city neighbourhoods so Aussies don't know where this human filth comes from. The crap from Lebanon, Sudan, Iran, Afghanistan, etc. are all enjoying our hospitality!!!

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