Monday, November 28, 2016

CLOWNFISH Are Breeding Again On The REEF !!

As the corrupt IPCC sees their global warming hoax begin to collapse it has beefed up its expensive propaganda to new fraudulent heights attacking our Great Barrier Reef as “under threat” from “Climate Change” and re-scripting all of Sir David Attenborough’s wild-life docos to include a warming dimension. He would have received millions to have his name made a sickly warming joke like that.

How much international media attention will it take to get direct action to protect the Great Barrier Reef?” 

........screamed the Left's sexually confused Ellen Degeneres. Ellen has sufficient
researchers to easily establish that the Earth is not warming, that our reefs are not dying, that our seas are not rising, that ice caps are not shrinking, that New York is not yet under water and that the Himalayas have not melted ....all predictions of the corrupt IPCC and our own unqualified national buffoon, Tim Flannery.
The "settled" science of the IPCC is claimed solely by the charlatan "scientists" who are all individually employed by the IPCC itself and who indirectly get their wage packet from you and me. So why would anyone believe their "settled" science, especially when 30,000 fair dinkum scientists say it is all bullshit!

Natural, seasonal coral bleaching is how we get our white sandy beaches that surround our beautiful reefs.
Dead coral gets pulverised during constant cyclones to replenish those beaches while new coral replenishes the reef. Why don't simpleton uni Lefties understand how the world has operated for four billion years before they were born?
Coral bleaching is to our reefs what bushfires are to our bush!
Every living species on Earth must suffer regular migrations or in situ ordeals that allow for survival of the fittest to continually enhance the strain. That's how stuff gets better not worse, (as the dishonest IPCC would have you believe).   
He had been in power barely a month when Tony Abbott oversaw the sacking of two departmental heads who were the driving forces behind climate change “initiatives”. The scrapping of the Climate Commission, which had been established to provide public information on the “horrific effects” of, and potential solutions to, “global warming”.
The Climate Change Authority responsible for investment in renewable energy was also abolished. Only for most of it to be reinstated by the dimwit Malcolm Turnbull.
It’s a shame the Turnbull government hasn’t yet seen the light and stopped pandering to the inane Left’s outrageous aims.
The incessant footage of glaciers falling off into the sea does not indicate warming, in fact the opposite, as glacial ice increases at its source pressuring the old ice into floating bergs.

Senator Pauline Hanson arrived on the reef to show how healthy it was at the same time as the Green clown fish arrived on a small area that was bleached to show how "damaged" it was.
It's really quite laughable as a fresh army of undergraduate marine biologists stream out of publicly funded universities intent on creating themselves jobs... No reef damage, no jobs! No government trough to put their pretty little snouts in!
Donald Trump has set off alarm bells at the UN by denouncing “Climate Change” as an economy destroying fraud. Abbott has said much the same, so it’s no wonder the UN-adoring stick insect, Julie Bishop, blurted out that, “there is no vacancy” when asked if former PM Tony Abbott should have a place on the front bench.

At least the clownfish think it's safe to keep breeding an oversupply of
overpaid university clowns in bleached coral.
The Way I See least Abbott would bring to the front bench some sanity to the warming debate that went missing at the same time as his knifing was arranged by his deputy, the stick insect. The problem now is an ineffective Turnbull and there is an insufficient (or just plain scared) number of Party roomers to kick him out and replace him in time for the next election with someone who has Australia at heart.
But yippee, it looks I will disappoint a lot of people and live long enough to see the world change as the loony Left is put back into its mouldy crypt for another 50 years until it can come up with something more convincing than “climate change”, wind mills and solar driven airliners.
Oh well, at least I can be certain my grandkids will see it.

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