Monday, November 28, 2016

Bill Shorten is a Deadman Walking and in DEEP Shit !

There’s a look of death in Astralian Opposition Leader Bill Shorten’s eyes. His unconvincing anti-Abbott bravado, his confected grin and his repetitive, hollow claims that he tirelessly struggles to improve the conditions of the working man have become distant and meaningless echoes of past Labor Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. 
Bill Shorten is finished, he knows it, and even his formerly sympathetic pro-Labor Fairfax Press knows it. Australia's national broadcaster, the ABC, is still in denial phase but even it too must soon accept the inevitable.
Bill Shorten is the last of the Mohicans, he carries the stench of Labor’s decomposing union carcasses and, as surely as the Longshoremen’s links to the Chicago Mafia mob were broken, so too must Labor’s connection to the union mob here. 
Labor leaders tried to break the connection, but the Rudd experiment failed miserably and they returned to recruiting possible Prime Ministers from the ranks of crooks in the union movement... the ones who relentlessly pillage their workers’ wages to build power bases from which to launch themselves into the Parliament.
Oh, Labor knows it needs to break the criminal union link, it says so, but it knows no other way. It’s a well-worn path from Marxist uni politics to criminal unionism with stints in either of the two major Labor law firms before seeking pre-selection in safe Labor seats.
The spotlight is exposing the flimsy rule of loyal union brotherhood as comrades cannibalise their fellow comrades before disappearing in a vortex of fecal matter.
Union members have been ruthlessly shafted over decades, millions were stolen from workers with cover-ups arranged by Shorten from the Gillard/Wilson scam to ALP President Michael Williamson’s theft of $20 million from the HSU
A plea bargain of guilty to a mere theft of $1 million meant we will never know where Williamson has secreted the remaining $19 million or exactly how it was obtained (there is some evidence much of the money was transferred to his wife).
Shorten’s filthy deals with employers strengthened his position and bolstered his factional numbers to be used at National Conferences and in future Caucus battles. Those same numbers were used to callously knife two Labor Prime Ministers, paving the way for his own elevation. 
But those deals were always attained at a huge cost to the workers he claimed to support. One employer claimed his company was in a $2 million better position against his competitors due to a deal signed off by Bill Shorten. Hmmm.
So, can Shorten make it to the next election? No, and here’s why: His Caucus numbers may have secured his leadership but the rank-and-file voted against him and for Anthony Albanese.
Shorten eyes his Brutus.....Albanese
... the rank-and-file know Shorten too well. 
Kevin Rudd, as a last hurrah, shored up an ALP Opposition leader’s position by changing ALP rules to require a 60% Caucus majority vote to oust him, or her. 
In a fit of pique, Rudd also raised to 75% the majority required to oust a sitting Labor Prime Minister (reference Rudd) and that’s what will bring Shorten down. 
He will now slowly drag Labor’s polling figures toward panic levels and if it takes a difficult 60% Caucus majority to get rid of him now, a 75% majority will be nigh impossible in the unlikely event he became Prime Minister.
The Way I See It......the ALP is wallowing in an agonising state of flux; do they dump Shorten now or keep him there and hope like hell he doesn’t win the next election? Anthony Albanese is sitting pretty and it appears he only needs to stay out of Thai massage parlours.  
Rudd has unwittingly created an incentive for Caucus to rid themselves of Shorten now, rather than risk taking him to the people.
The phones are already running warm. 

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