Monday, May 2, 2016

Rudeness Masqarading as Leadership is Obama's Swan Song !

David Cameron has apparently decided the Left is the preferred place to be in future. Any British PM worth his salt would have punched Obama’s lights out for threatening Poms with “going to the end of the queue” if they did not vote to stay in the EU.... Extraordinary!

Fancy a bloke who has stuffed everything he has touched telling Europe how to suck eggs... and it’s possible the Poms, because of his arrogance and in the face of Continental Europe’s hordes of illegal immigrants salted with ISIS terrorists, will now vote the other way.

The move to rid the world of sovereign borders to make way for a new world order is an ambition of the loony Left, but the Left never learns, even when its dreams become nightmares. Take for example
Hollande and terrorism, Merkel and illegal immigration, Obama and regime change, Gillard and spending, Shorten and negative gearing, Turnbull and treachery, yet the Left never wavers and stands steadfast in its resolve no matter what the damage.
Angela Merkel's Germany is now being sued by hordes of illegals for not providing assistance quickly enough.
Bloody mindedness or ideological commitment, who cares? It’s wrong! I recall like yesterday the new dawn of a European Economic Community (EEC) in 1973. At the time it all made sense, trade wise, but 20 years later its name was changed from the “EEC” to the “European Union” with a communal currency and Brussels given extensive new powers. That was just the start of the decline.

Paedophile and close friend of Jimmy Savile, PM Sir Edward Heath, (both below) produced a 1971 White Paper on EEC entry which had promised no “erosion of essential national sovereignty”. Unfortunately European law still over-rides British law, and plenty more of the over-riding is still on the way from Brussels, not to mention the disaster of borderless entry and exit between States with one “European” passport and one currency.

UK media at the time spoke as one in agreement with entry, but it slowly came apart at the seams for Britain as various smaller economies took advantage of the one currency. The UK retained its domestic Sterling but still suffered from a ridiculous single currency when it came to disparate State economies selfishly looking to enjoy the security of Brussels.

The EEC was a grand idea with many problems before it morphed into the EU, the extent of that folly quickly became evident. The EU referendum that Cameron promised is on a knife edge with a “stay in” vote becoming more likely by the day, despite Obama’s threats.

British taxpayers are slugged £1billion per month in dues to Brussels and the bill was recently increased by another £1.7billion but never mind, Brussels is currently “rebating” Cameron to pay for the “stay-in” campaign.

Obama is light-headed over security matters in any forum and as a member of NATO the US is exposed to 28 independent European member States, many of whom are also locked into the EU with terrorism supporter Turkey knocking on the door with provisional EU membership and a demand for a visa waiver.
Bloody hell, aren’t there enough ISIS operatives already transiting through Turkey?
Turkey’s Erdogan has threatened to renege on a landmark agreement to curb illegal migration to the European Union if it isn’t granted visa-free travel to Europe for Turkey's 78 million citizens by this year. If Ankara gets what it wants as the only Islamic State in the EU it would allow more millions of illegal ''migrants” from Africa, Asia and the Middle-East to flow through Turkey into Europe.

"You talk about democracy, freedom and the rule of law.... For us, these words have absolutely no value any longer”, said Erdogan.
If Obama forgives the Saudis for organising 9/11 then the Turks should be able to shoot more of Putin’s air force down with complete impunity and be privy to a future US Administration’s  war plans.

Is it any wonder North Korea can thumb its nose at the US, Iran can break a nuclear agreement and Russia can buzz US warships? Obama’s response is more sanctions... sanctions that only hurt innocent civilians.
The Way I See It.....Obama’s pacifism is breeding another world war. 
His answer is to wedge Putin into a corner with the corrupt Poroshenko of Ukraine and NATO members to its West and the US, forty mile across the Bering Strait, to its East. Fortunately Putin can run rings around Obama where tactics are concerned.

          The end of the Obama era can’t come quickly enough.

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