Sunday, May 1, 2016

Coral in the Warmer Waters of the Red Sea are Thriving !

The Australian Government’s Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority’s web site claims if conditions (sea temperatures) don't improve within weeks, the corals will eventually starve and die. The website claims coral bleaching “is not always fatal”, but has been one of the main causes of coral death... blah blah blah etc.

The truth is that the only pollution the GBR has seen lately is the inane bullshit coming from an endless line of marine biology graduates. Without a contrived disaster (global warming) none would have a job... our reef system is as vibrant as it has always been.

But marine biology is a favourite course of our intelligence challenged university students. Why
wouldn’t it be? Who wouldn’t prefer floating around the reefs on the back of a turtle measuring corals to a desk job and living off of generous government grants.

The trouble is that there are now too many permanent uni holiday makers on the market and secondly, there is not a damned thing wrong with our reefs or any other of the world’s reefs, so in truth there isn’t a proper job for any of them.

The Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change predicts that by 2035 the average sea surface temperature will be warmer than any previously recorded, and by 2100 sea temperatures off north-eastern Australia could be at least 2.5 degrees Celsius warmer than the present average.

The latest claim is that global warming has caused cyclones that are also destroying our reef system... what a load of frog shit! Cyclones are as important to reefs’ welfare as bushfires are to the bush where mounting dead and old weakened strains of growth are eliminated to make way for new growth. That’s how things work! And besides the latest news says we've only had 3 cyclones this season the lowest in decades....go figure!

Old growth corals eventually become the pristine white sands of coral beaches. So much for cyclones, now for sea temperatures. Dodgy Green measuring suggests a sea temperature rise of one half of one degree Celsius since 1910. Really?
So this drastic warming of half of one degree over a century is killing our coral?
The Dead Sea and the Red Sea are already up to 10 degrees Celsius warmer than our Reef which has temps as low as 14 C during winter. Yet the Dead and Red Seas of the Middle East, with average temperatures of 30 C, have equally magnificent coral reefs (Red Sea pictured). How can these corals exist in water so hot compared to ours?

It seems that heat and cyclones encourage reefs and their inhabitants to evolve to even greater beauty.

Not that I would believe one thing environmental groups and the UN’s IPCC have said about our climate because everything they have suggested so far has been plainly wrong!
This “apocalyptic” climate change is nothing more than business as usual, or have we already forgotten the Y2K bug and the ozone layer scams.
The Way I See It.....the truth is the plethora of marine biologists pouring out of our Lefty universities need to concoct “temperature” disasters or they simply won’t have a job.

In the meantime battling Aussies are saving up for a Barrier Reef holiday with the kids to show them what has been evolving, and will continue to evolve, for the next million years.

What’s the bet that the snorkel, mask and flippers academics will have discovered a cooling threat by end of this century?  See my previous posting about that eventuality.

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