Monday, November 16, 2015

Prime Minister Hollande: ''WE ARE COMING TO GET YOU BASTARDS!''

It’s Monday morning and university academics have stirred from their weekend bongs to answer the call from media for sage commentary on the terrible carnage in Paris. So again we choke on our Weet Bix as we listen to the same regurgitated, Left-wing advice that we must, “engage with the Islamic community to ensure a forward defence against radical Islam”.

University group-think is about as far from urban group-think as you can get. It’s a different world inside those insulated grey walls of self introspection.

Engagement for Christ’s sake? Where was the condemnation of ISIS from the not-so-grand Australian Mufti, Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, the non English-speaking Sunni grub and overt supporter of proscribed terrorist group, Hamas? “He is attending an important meeting”, his minders advised. (The Grand Mufti is entrusted with legally interpreting Shariah Law and is an closet ISIS sympathizer.) Last week he was all sweetness and light with our new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Today, his National Imam Council came out with a statement that is a disgrace. Worse, it is dangerous and ominous.

According to this Son-of-a-Bitch Mufti and his imams, the main “causative factors” behind the kind of terrorism visited on Paris have nothing to do with the Koran. They have nothing to do even with interpretations of the Koran. In fact, even the Islamic State - which claimed credit for the mass-murder - is not mentioned as a “causative factor”. There is no mention of Muslim agency in the slaughter whatsoever. No mention even of the Muslim countries, like Iran and Saudi Arabia, which sponsor extremists and terrorists. There is only that familiar and lethal victimology - an accusation that the horrors unleashed in Paris and elsewhere are driven by the cruelty the West inflicts on Muslims. Blah, blah, blah.

And so, according to this statement, to defend ourselves we must abandon the Jews of Israel, and - it seems - stop fighting the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. We must drop our security guard. We must stop being suspicious of the faith followed by the Paris terrorists and so many others. We must blame ourselves, and not them. Nowhere in the statement is any obligation imposed on Muslims to change, reform their faith, assimilate or show loyalty to their fellow citizens.

How is it possible that the most senior Muslim in Australia is able to visit and cavort with the most senior leaders of Hamas and not be arrested upon his return? The Mufti expressed his “happiness at being in Gaza”, describing it as, “the land of pride and martyrdom”. Are these the Muslim leaders our uni academics demand we engage with?  Sack the Mufti now. Sack the national council of
imams. Those who hope for our Muslim leaders to take responsibility for reforming their faith are hoping in vain. The Prime Minister must address this scandalous response.

These are the same Muslim leaders who refused tea and bickies with Tony Abbott. The same bearded cretins who, as our welfare dependent guests, demand our destruction from within our own homeland and rip off Aussie companies with their Halal certification demands?
And from where do these bearded cretins preach their evil to the impressionable? If you muttered mosques between gritted teeth, go straight to the top of the class!
The most evil of all Islamic extremists abide in the upper echelon of Muslim elders. It is from there that extreme radicalism percolates down to the ready and willing foot soldiers. The Mufti will not stain his hands with the blood of infidels, that’s for the expendable and malleable idiots who strap on suicide vests... and it’s pretty pointless trying to engage with them.

Haven’t these dumb neo-Marxist uni academics noticed Muslims elected to the highest offices in the land are, without exception, the most extreme of all Islamic radicals?  If there is no room for pacifists at the top of the Islamic ladder, why would there be room for peaceful “engagement”.

If it is to be war, and the French are bombing the hell out of al Raqqa right now, then don’t try to psychoanalyse the enemy, kill the vermin first! Save the post mortems for the archives.

The Way I See It.......ISIS has the West spooked, yet its only militarily handbook is the Koran. Its only terms of engagement is a copy of their Prophet’s MO, it’s only equipment is poorly serviced and stolen from the Americans. It has no air force, no navy and no ability to pilot anything. It is still a rag-tag bunch of murdering thugs in utes that believes it will conquer the West to declare a Sunni/Wahhabist/Shariah Law Caliphate akin to the despicable Saudis’.

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