Sunday, November 22, 2015

Just Another War We Chose to Ignore !

The crimes committed by the Islamic State (or the ‘death cult’ as Australia's ex-Prime Minister Tony Abbott likes to refer to it) are no worse than those committed during any other war except that, for the first time in history, a war is being fought using YouTube and highly professional production crews.

Yep, Islamic State is doing no more than presenting the world with coverage that no previous war correspondent has been able to. But Islamic State burns its victims alive, you say?
The US did the same with flame throwers thrust down foxholes in WWI and WWII along with napalm in the Vietnam war.

But Islamic State uses suicide bombers.
The Japanese used heavenly rewards for Kamikazes in WWII.

But Islamic State beheads its victims.
The Japanese beheaded many more Australians during WWII.

But Islamic State herds its victims into trenches before spraying them with automatic weapons.This was commonplace in European and Asian warfare. It was widely practised in the Chechen wars.

But Islamic State publicly hangs its victims.
The Allies, Russia and Germany did the same, hanging has been a part of all wars.
But Islamic State uses rape as a weapon of degradation against women and young girls.
Again a common practice in all wars.

But Islamic State establishes cells behind enemy lines in the West.
Espionage has been very much a part of all wars.
But Islamic State destroys the iconic landmarks of its enemies.

Hitler and the Allies did the same.
But the Islamic State intentionally targets civilians.
The Germans sunk the passenger liner the Lusitania and Lieut. Calley wiped out the entire village of My Lai.

But Islamic State uses religion as an incentive.
Let’s not go there shall we?

So what IS the difference? Well, this war is an undeclared war, a war where we refuse to publicly identify the enemy. It’s a war where we welcome the enemy on to our homelands and allow it to
build religious monuments to demonstrate its supremacy and to train its operatives.

We allow it to plan our demise and recruit members from our own citizenry on our own doorstep. We shower it with social welfare benefits and make it illegal for us to complain about it via racial discrimination legislation.

This is a modern PC war where the atrocities are identical but the usual retaliation doesn’t exist. Al Baghdadi’s handbook has coloured pictures instead of diarised notes to be pored over by vexatious politicians at a later date.
This is a war where war crimes are not concealed but boasted of.
Islamic State as a fighting force should have been extinguished two years ago but we chose to ignore it. In those two years radical Islam has become an amalgam of hundreds of loosely aligned, often competitive, terrorist organisations that grow stronger daily.Ignoring this war has become the West’s biggest mistake yet.

Islamic State was allowed the time to force the “coalition” into an unwinnable guerrilla war. It infiltrated and terrorised Iraqi, Kurdish and Yazidi cities where it melded into civilian populations. We now need indiscriminate bombing that kills hundreds of civilians, in order to extinguish one Islamic State fighter.
Visions of Vietnam, yet this is a fighting force with no helicopter gunships, no air force, no navy and no satellite intelligence. It relies on utes that become undetectable in city backstreets. The tanks and equipment it stole from retreating US-supplied Iraqis have become useless, as desert warfare requires that everything from tanks to choppers have two hours’ maintenance for every one hour in service.

But they have had time to develop a sophisticated international network and for every hour the West refuses to confront them on the ground they sneak two hours ahead. The on-going Middle Eastern
migration into Europe carried ISIS operatives into many countries to stage terrorist attacks. Already the Paris massacre was an example of that and Belgium is today in a state of High Alert for an attack and police in Germany and Sweden hunt out more cells that have been augmented by this unprecedented migration.

In a matter of months now, al Queda splinter cells in the West will be directing drones laden with semtex to sports events and iconic structures including parliament houses. Airline pilots on final approach are already being met with trial runs of drones loaded with IAP glide slope co-ordinates. No need to fly airplanes into buildings now, this can all be done on a laptop from the safety of an unknown lounge room.
Did we really have to wait this long to identify a homeland threat? 
The Way I See It.....don’t expect Australia to confront an Islamic threat in Asia while it appeases relations with Indonesia and is allowing similar Islamic slaughter of thousands of West Papuan Christians next door. When the pubs have closed you can almost hear them screaming in Darwin.

This is an Islamic World War we have set ourselves up to lose if we don't get our new Prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull to stop waffling long enough to get serious about getting boots on the ground, if not, who have we left to sort the Islamic State out? ...the Iranians of all people! You know the ones who, with Obama’s blessing, are developing a nuclear bomb to blow Israel off the map for starters.

Bloody hell, this is a madness beyond belief!  I’m going back to bed to try waking up again !!!

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