Sunday, August 9, 2015


Now where have I heard that before ??

Oh yes I remember now, it was that other climatic dickhead Kevin Rudd who returned from Kyoto with a spanked bum and poor Kevin has not been the same ever since.

So now it’s the outgoing Obama’s turn to declare the age of the um, er, anything that doesn’t reek of a failed foreign policy, as he scrambles for a legacy.

Billions are being thrown at the national media of countries considered sceptical of the IPCC claim of a coming climate holocaust.

Climate Hoax perpetuators National Geographic and Discovery channels are digging out old docos of natural disasters while David Attenborough rakes in thousands for voice-over footage of glaciers breaking off into the North Sea.

Those glaciers are breaking off, as they have been for millennia, because ice is increasing at its source higher and closer to the Pole, but David isn’t one to let the facts get in the way of a good
global warming story.

Global warming crap is flooding the ABC and SBS while struggling free-to-air channels and newspapers’ supplements are running with anything in return for hard cash.
Only around four months left for the UN’s IPCC to convince stragglers that “climate change” is real.
Climate change eh? I guess they mean summer, autumn, winter and spring, so they are on a sure winner there. Even I believe in that stuff!

It’s clear a frantic IPCC carbon credits cabal led by Al Gore could lose billions without an international consensus before the end of the year.

Obama is obviously in on the scam as he came here for the G20, but his only contribution was to tell us our Great Barrier Reef was stuffed and to blame global warming for his future grandkids being denied a gander.

Fortunately he was confined to a Queensland University audience where he of course received rapturous applause from the dim-witted audience for his ridiculous assertion.

A major contributor to the IPCC fear mongering is the “unmentionable” airline industry. Around half a million people are in the air in around 14,000 aircraft at any one time with a Boeing 747 burning 175 tonnes of kerosene and an Airbus A380 about 310 tonnes between refuels.

At an average of 2.3 cycles per 24 hours and accounting for smaller aircraft, the total amount of burnt kerosene dumped in the atmosphere each year is slightly more than one trillion tonnes.

The world's 90,000 vessels, including container ships, burn approximately half a trillion tonnes per year. Add to that the inestimable industrial, automobile and heavy haulage usage and regular volcanic emissions and there’s a few figures IPCC charlatans have no hope of comprehending and no wish to, as subsidised solar panels and windmills can’t possibly make a dent in the usage, and regardless, they all insist on liberal use of these aircraft to get to their regular talkfests.

The Way I See It.....the significance of Tony Abbott’s "denier" status is reflected in the amount of consistent IPCC anthropogenic garbage spouted by the ABC, SBS, Fairfax and The Guardian along with the rash of dishonest SKY Channel docos about polar bears desperately seeking shade under wilting palm trees. It appears the IPCC scamsters know exactly where Abbott stands on global warming and are afraid to face the truth and reality that he stands for.

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