Sunday, August 16, 2015

1984 Revisited: ''New-Speak'' from the Australian Loony Left !

The canny political Left uses focus group sanctioned, friendly phrases like this: “The most vulnerable people ...”, which appeals to everyone’s ‘Good Samaritan’ side. “Climate change is ...”, now who could possibly argue with the climate changing? And of course, “Making little heart signs with fairy fingers while pleading for marriage equality” is designed to appeal to everyone’s sense of

The well-oiled PR machine of the Left sets out to make a dumb, unwitting majority feel guilty... and it works. Unfortunately the majority is apolitical and only has time for headlines in between getting kids to school and paying a mortgage.

It hasn’t the time to debate home-grown Islamic terrorism, a halal extortion tax on food, idiotic Green schemes, gay marriages or union corruption.

The Left skips the headlines and goes straight to rewriting the text, in a Ninety-Eighty Four style of NEWSPEAK. It is determined to alter the malleable majority to their way of thinking.

The Left has infiltrated our judiciary, our media, the entertainment industry and our education system. Julia Gillard’s Gonsky Report was aimed at employing more uneducated teachers... but what’s basic education matter when children are ripe for indoctrination into the Left doctrine.

Fairfax has combined its failing newspapers so as to give one message. Retrenched staff members have resorted to blogs and various on-line Left-wing newspapers to continue their message while the Murdoch Press is vilified for sometimes opposing it.

The amorphous ABC has joined with Lenin's dictum, ''get the children before age 8 and they are yours''  to become an arm of the ALP cornering an emphasis on children’s programming.

The Left sees nothing wrong with Bill Shorten’s union scams nor those of  Julia Gillard’s (photo left). It wants ''illegal immigrants'' to be called ''asylum seekers'' and demands open borders to welcome them. It has no concept of sovereignty, only a UN-inspired one world government financed by carbon taxes on the back of a global warming hoax.
It believes Israel is a terrorist cell and Islam a religion of peace.
It takes no lesson from a disintegrating Eurozone or the lunacy of a single European currency, it simply soldiers on regardless. It has no concept of, nor concern for, debt or deficit, risk or reward, free enterprise or capitalism. Greece has a God-given right to its rampant socialism while others have an obligation to pay for it.

The discredited ideal of communist egalitarianism has morphed into the more acceptable term of “socialism”, just as discredited “global warming” morphed into meaningless “climate change”. The same happened to ''CO2 levels'',  now it's ''carbon pollution.'' (since the level has risen with no warning follow-up). Don't forget how the Gay & Lesbian propaganda phraseology morphed  from ''same-sex marriage''  to ''marriage equality'' thereby getting rid of the visual yuck-factor. The nomenclatures became acceptable but the aims remained the same.

It pretends to care for infants in detention yet promotes late-term abortions where a fully formed baby can make no sound as it is dismembered without anaesthesia to make a hideous stillbirth more comfortable for a guiltless mother. Go figure!
The Left’s twisted view of the world is seen through a kaleidoscopic lens of genderless rainbows.
Their “marriage equality” hysteria, promoted by dishonest referenda questions, appears unstoppable but a referendum is not enactment. The legislation is yet to come where debate will disclose the ugly intent ... a tiny minority (only 2% of Australia's population!) of homosexual activists is determined to render heterosexual couples devoid of gender.

They are quietly insisting the Marriage Act be abolished and replaced with genderless guff. No more will a couple be referred to as a man and a woman... just “two (or maybe more) people”.

Marriage equality eh? Sounds fair, but trust the sophisticated, cashed-up gay lobby at your own peril.

They are not content to have parallel legislation that would apply equally to homosexuals. They want gender recognition rescinded entirely. Bugger the legal and religious implications as they would apply to genderless parents and surrogates. Bugger the child’s welfare.

The Way I See It......I have often said a key difference between many of the Left and conservatives is this: a concern with seeming rather than with doing. Seeming vs doing. It is a sign of the vain and the stupid to prefer the first.

Labor made the “right noises”, meaning they seemed to be compassionate by allowing people smugglers bring thousands of illegals into Australia. That was enough to be forgiven for policies which drowned 1200 people and locked up, at its peak, nearly 2000 children.

The Liberals, on the other hand, have made the wrong noises. So they are savaged for policies that have stopped the drownings and slashed the number of children in detention by 90 per cent from Labor’s peak - and falling.

The main bout is yet to come on this one. The Pandora’s box is still bound by a pretty pink ribbon, but we should never doubt the Left’s repulsive resolve... nor the majority’s neglectful nonchalance.
I'm happy to report: The sleeping majority appears to be stirring a little, it has opened one eye and it doesn’t like what it sees. Can't wait for the referendum.

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