Friday, May 29, 2015

Too Late Gutless Barry.......Iraq is Gone !!

A report that the Administration knew of the proposed onslaught by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) as long ago as three years is like water of a duck’s back to Obama who has nonchalantly surrendered and vacated America’s role as the world’s hotspot moderator.

Secretary of State, John Kerry is touring the ruins (or “setbacks” as the Administration calls them)  like he’s on vacation. Netanyahu has been thrown to the wolves, the idiot Pope is in bed with the PLO, Putin is licking his lips and there’s a second coming of the Taliban all because Barry clearly has no stomach for military action when it comes to Islam.

Nations like China, Russia, Iran and a patchwork of Islamic militant organisations are jostling to fill the breach with oddball alliances and America is actually toying with four years of an horrific Hillary.

Bloody hell, that sort of bleak forecast makes you want to stay in bed and pull the covers over your head!

After the relative success of “the surge” the Middle-East was containable, Bin Laden was dead, Al Queda leadership had splintered, the Taliban were asleep, ISIS was unheard of and a nuclear deal was possible with Iran. But after only three years of the US Administration’s ineptitude the whole of Syria and Iraq is ablaze, Europe is awash with a million refugees and a Middle-East nuclear war is bubbling in the background.

Obama’s love affair with the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood along with his entire foreign policy is in tatters... he has gifted our traditional enemies a new lease on life.

The ISIS is now on the outskirts of Baghdad and no prizes for guessing why it is rampaging eastward from Ramadi and not from the north... Baghdad’s international airport is on the east of the capital and once that’s taken, it’s goodnight Irene, even for a city the size of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane combined.

The greatest military force in the world has allowed an insoluble mess to evolve unabated. The Aussie a’hem, “advisers” should come home right now, there is no point in being there. Australian pilots have been refuelling US fighters mid-air but there are no targets left as the ISIS fighters dissolve into Iraqi cities where the Shia military either drop their guns and run or stay put, pretend to be Sunni, and throw out the welcome mat.
US sorties are down to a paltry 10 per day, most returning with their bombs intact.
It’s easier to push a camel through the eye of a needle than to teach an Iraqi to fight. They never will fight because historically they have always waited to see who has the military ascendency before simply joining them. That’s how Saddam Hussein ruled as a Sunni and he at least prevented Iraq from imploding. Iraqis have no allegiance to anyone other than to who’s winning.

Only Syria, Iran and the Kurdish Peshmerga (photo below) in the north are left to confront the ISIS on the ground, other Arab States already realise they can never win fighting door to door in a guerrilla war where you can’t even identify who the enemy is.

But here’s the main problem; Russia is supplying Syria’s military while Turkey is giving the ISIS  economic support. Turkey wants the  Kurds and Yazidis eradicated while Iran wants a nuclear presence because, after a ten-year war with Saddam Hussein and decades of sanctions, its weaponry consists of hopeless home-made helicopters and inoperable tanks.

The air fight in Iraq is over, despite Russia having provided the al Abadi Shia Government with 40 helicopter gunships, Su-25 combat jets, air defence missiles and other weapons. We are on one side while Putin, Syria and Iran are on the other, leaving Iraq to breathlessly beg for assistance from anyone.

Meanwhile John Kerry tries to broker a farcical nuclear deal with Iran (a deal that actually allows them the bomb) while at the same time claiming the ISIS is on the back foot. On the back foot? They have already won for Christ’s sake!

The US refuses to arm the Kurds and has been training ISIS jihadists to defeat Syria’s Assad but instead the Sunni ISIS predictably turned on Obama’s Shia puppet Iraqi Government and of course Obama refuses to assist Iran or Syria in repelling them.

Either Obama is the most incompetent Commander-in-Chief in US history or he knows full well his puppet Shia Government of al Abadi is destined to fail in preventing a total Caliphate over Syria and Iraq... no, he’s not that smart.
The US under Obama has been embarrassingly thrashed by a militia in utes that has no country, no air force and no naval capacity.
The time for boots on the ground seems long gone. There was no leadership when it was needed. Obama is now content to let this genocide play out and is prepared to geographically let Europe suffer hordes of unprocessed Jihadist insurgents embedded within a genuine tsunami of civilian refugees.

The Way I See It.....meanwhile Al Queda remains a real threat... it was reborn as the Khorosan in Syria’s north and has since spread as far as the Arabian peninsula and to northern, eastern and even central and western Africa but neither Al Queda nor Obama will cop Muslims killing Muslims.

So Al Queda remains totally preoccupied only with destroying the West, while the ISIS is intent on completing its Caliphate across the Levant. But once that Caliphate is established the canny ISIS will doubtless turn its venom on the West.

Barack Obama is either a complete dickhead or a devoted Muslim... or both.

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