Friday, May 15, 2015

He Not Only TWEAKS The Graphs, But a FEW NIPPLES Too !

As reported here last year, be prepared for an IPCC barrage of climate misinformation as the pivotal Paris global warming conference draws near. From the ridiculous report that walruses were being forced to mate on rocky foreshores to the Himalayas becoming bereft of snow it’s been a mix of incompetence and outright lies from the IPCC.

And now the UN is threatening to declare Australia’s Great Barrier Reef in danger and that it risks being delisted from its World Heritage status.

All this bullshit from none other than IPCC Chairman, the ''uglier than thou'' Indian railway worker, Rajendra Pachauri (pictured) who has just resigned following allegations of sexual harassment.

Australia is in the UN’s crosshairs because Tony Abbott is seen as a warming "denier" but, instead of telling the UN to get stuffed, Abbott decided to kick in another $100 million to prop up our expensive James Cook University marine biologists who are addicted to floating around our healthy reefs trying to find something wrong.

Jon Brodie, chief research scientist at TropWater, the infamously green  water quality research unit attached to the James Cook University, said, “The money announced is nowhere near enough to do what is required to protect the reef."  We should actually protect the reef from marine post-graduate Lefties, which allows more snouts in the government trough.

Without a perceived reef problem these marine leeches have no jobs, so their role in life is to concoct problems that have never actually existed. “Problems” like water quality and the Crown of Thorns starfish.

The reef has survived run-offs from a thousand waterways for a billion years, it has also withstood cyclical attacks from the Crown of Thorns starfish and the most identifiable of reef fish, the Parrot varieties, that also eat coral turning it into fine sand. Not to mention the regular cyclones that
mercilessly batter the reef.

Crown-of-Thorns Starfish
Without these so-called “threats” our reefs would no longer exist. Old coral is destroyed to make way for new strains in the same way our bush is re-invigorated by fire to allow for new growth.
Green gophers cite possible “extinction of a species” as a weapon in fighting for further increases in their budgets.
The mere suggestion that our reefs could be healthy is monetary sacrilege to a Green gopher!
The truth is that 99 per cent of all species that ever lived in the sea or on land have already become extinct, and have made way for more adaptable, stronger species... I think it's called survival of the fittest, or evolution or something like that.

The UN’s IPCC alarmist fraudsters are beating the same drum... if you can put fear into the hearts of the simple minded who care about things like reefs, there’s a veritable fortune to be made in carbon credits, with the IPCC copping a cool 10 per cent of all carbon taxes levied by compliant Left governments.

The fact is the plant food C02 produced by man has almost no effect on the Earth’s temperature. Both polar caps are increasing and Europe and North America have experienced five years of record low
temperatures. It's undeniable when you see the blizzards on your TV the past few years.

To suggest the contribution of man-made C02 is anything more than piddling when compared to that of the oceans, the Sun and volcanoes, is crazy! But there you go, the IPCC’s warming conference is to be held in Paris in December this year. How crazy is that when Europe will be copping its sixth consecutive year of record freezing temperatures? So who are the Real Deniers ?

The Way I See would be wonderful if the IPCC’s dishonest forecasts were even remotely correct because the reality is that warming produces fertility with massive increases in food production, employment and third-world prosperity.  It’s the cold that kills. When are people going to wake up, speak up and give up supporting this massive hoax?

More than 100 of the world’s leading scientists, theologians, academics and commentators have written an open letter to Pope Francis urging him not to join the climate hysterics in their war on the fossil fuels that power the planet. Their plea is a simple but powerful one: if we cut back on the use of especially coal for electricity, we would directly condemn tens of millions of people to death; and at best, lock hundreds of millions of the poor — of the developed world as much as of the developing world — into endless poverty and misery.

The letter is specifically directed at Pope Francis as unquestionably the world’s most important spiritual and moral leader. It builds its plea to him on theological grounds, commending him “for your care for the earth and God’s children, especially the poor”.

But its argument is based on a hard-nosed rational assessment of the facts. These are broadly two: the facts — actually the failures — of the global warming thesis/hysteria; and the undeniable, utterly irreplaceable global use of coal, gas and oil.

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