Sunday, April 5, 2015

Shia versus Sunni......should we care ??

Well yes, because, as predicted here last year, Iranian militia will sweep across Iraq like a tsunami toward Jordan and Israel in the absence of a US presence and no other nation will dare intervene, except to drop a few bombs on dodgy, unidentified targets killing more civilians. President Barack Obama has now listened to its Prime Minister, Ashraf Ghani and decided keeping a presence in
Afghanistan might be advisable. Ooooh, good thinking Barry!

Iranian backed Iraqi Shia forces are now trying to “out-atrocity” the Sunnis in beheadings, rapes and mass slaughter, while good ‘ol Barry tries to thrash out a nuclear deal in Teheran so Iran can eventually have the bomb. Bloody hell, Shakespeare couldn’t come up with a script like this one.

Barry has refused existing US air support to the Shia who are wiping out the Sunni, which was exactly what Barry (a’hem) said he was trying to achieve without ground troops. Meanwhile the Kurdish Peshmerga, the only effective force against the ISIS in the north, are refused ammunition by every nation for fear of getting Turkey offside. Pathetic !

Let’s face it, from Kuwait to their home soil, Iraqis are highly skilled only at dropping their guns and running while discarding their uniforms at the same time. Only Iran stood between ISIS and the eventual fall of Baghdad, and now the Iraqis have Iranian backing they are showing they can equal the ISIS in cowardly barbarity.

This Sunni-Shia Islamic war is no different to any other war in terms of atrocities. People were set
alight in both World Wars with flamethrowers. Mass slaughters and rapes were common in all wars, the Japanese beheaded more people than the ISIS and they raped and sex-slaved more women and children.
But we only read about those things. The difference with this war is that it has been professionally documented and delivered nightly in colour to the world’s lounge rooms, and it looks nasty and intimidating to the uninitiated.
So Islam continues its war with Islam! Big deal, why should we give a stuff? We should give a stuff because the US has abdicated its former leadership and the West no longer has a say in what happens in dysfunctional, primitive, Middle Eastern Islam.

The US has left Israel to fight its own battles in the face of a bourgeoning Iran determined to drive all Jews into the Mediterranean and declare Iran, an annexed Iraq and most of the Levant a Shia caliphate. Hmmm, won't THAT be nice!

Obama Bowing to Saudi King (sic!)
The Islamic victor, once tribal differences are settled, will then turn its eyes West and Iran will have nuclear-armed ICBMs with only Jordan, Egypt (and maybe Turkey) daring to complain.

Obama in six short years has damaged alliances, wrecked his own economy, started an internal race war, opened his borders to millions of Democratic-voting aliens, weakened homeland security, denied an Islamic link to terrorism, bowed to the Saudi king, emboldened China, ignored North Korea, started another cold war with Russia, excited and encouraged the Islamic enemy and has set the entire Middle East alight while he sucks on a joint at the 19th hole.

The Way I See It......the whole first goal of this [Iran deal] was to get rid of the Iranian nuclear program. That’s what the president and John Kerry said. We’re a long way from that. I think in less than 10 years, lots of bad things can and will happen. They can really move quickly.

But I’m extremely skeptical of a peaceful future. This is a regime that genuinely talks about and acts on the basis of the idea that it’s a radical regime, with a certain mission and history that doesn’t only talk about it. It acts upon. It funds Hezbollah. It funds Hamas. It funds IEDs that kill American troops. It wants to have a certain influence on the region, which is an extremely hostile influence. I think you have to think we’re going to end up enriching a regime that will end up doing us harm.

They are a radical regime ... Within a few short years, they will be pumping out oil, they will be a lot richer, their influence on the region will be greater, and the Saudis will have to counter. And I already think that the region is in the midst or in the very beginning of what some people have called a 30-years war, a religious war. And allowing Iran to get richer and potentially nuclear in the middle of that 30-years war strikes me as risky.

My recommendation to the American government is the same as the one that former UN Ambassador John Bolton made in the New York Times on March 26: destroy Iran’s nuclear capacity through air strikes. Reasonable people may disagree with this conclusion. But I still would like to hear someone disagree with sober reality. Destroy Iran’s nuclear capacity?  Barack Obama once said he thought so, too, but now has the opposite idea. God Help America and Us All !

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