Sunday, April 5, 2015

Europeans Fiddle while ISIS plans to Burn Them !

A Turkish people smuggler has claimed thousands of ISIS operatives have posed as refugees and entered Europe to commit acts of terror or simply “lie in wait” prior to receiving orders from al-Raqqa in Syria. His claims were confirmed by a spokesperson for the Islamic State. “Just wait” he said, “we have gone in like asylum seekers.”

Another people smuggler, who claims to have delivered over 4,000 ISIS operatives, said, "I’m sending fighters who want to go and visit their families. Others just go to Europe to ‘be ready’."

In recent years the smuggling business has boomed out of Turkey using Europe’s porous borders and “asylum seekers” have streamed in from Northern Africa by boat through to Italy and beyond.

But neither Turkey nor Libya should be relied upon to stem the flow of ISIS cells to the West. Turkey actively supports the ISIS by buying its stolen oil at half-price and it harbours the terrorist group Hamas. It also refuses the coalition the use of its air bases from which it could attack the ISIS strongholds in northern Syria and Iraq.

Under the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd Australian Government an estimated 50,000 “asylum seekers” entered Australia illegally by boat with 30,000 allowed entry, unprocessed and on E bridging visas, during the Gillard reign. They are still compulsorily on welfare and prohibited from working, residing somewhere in our suburbs.

As yet not one single people smuggler has been detained in Australia. At Indonesia’s request to Gillard, and under pressure from the Greens, they were all returned home to Java to continue the

When asked about the smuggling of Islamic State operatives masquerading as refugees, a Turkish Foreign Ministry official said, "My Government does do not have that particular intelligence." But it’s known that the last boat arrivals in Australia were predominantly Syrians and Iranians.

Over 90 per cent of illegal boat arrivals are now on an array of extended welfare benefits and disability pensions which are sucking an unsustainable 30 percent from our annual budget.
Canberra continues to mimic Barack Obama and remains in a state of denial over Islamic extremism, adamantly refusing to accept that recent terrorist attacks have any link to Islam.
But ISIS jihadist, Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, (photo right) disagrees, telling infiltrators to the West, "We repeat our call to all Muslims in Europe, the infidel West, and everywhere to target the Crusaders in their home countries and wherever they find them. If you have the opportunity to shed a drop of blood in Western countries – then you should do so”, he said. He then made a point of praising the recent terror attacks in Australia, Belgium and France.

We will never defeat Islamic State terrorists by pretending they are not driven by a belief in the ''worm turn'?
barbaric cult of Islam. We will never defeat the Islamic State by bombing utes with tomahawk missiles. Without boots on the ground supported by air strikes we are merely fighting a pretend war, and each day we delay the more the cancer festers. When in God's name will the

No nation will act without Obama first taking the lead, and he will not do that, he is too busy releasing jihadist operatives from Gitmo to rejoin the fight. The West has the military ability, but not the will, to wipe out this global Islamic scourge, the Islamic State has Allah as its driving force.

The Way I See It......the main question and sticking point is can we survive as a civilisation without a faith to unite us? To guide us?  And with Christianity dying of indifference and embarrassment, is the West helpless against the claims of Islam for respect, converts and submission to a grand order?

Look at the bitter fruits of the hyper-freedoms, like immorality, greed and sexual deviance, we’ve granted ourselves after destroying our own faith and tradition. Can this dysfunction and rootlessness caused by the rise in Atheism really resist Islam?

I sadly have to admit that in truth European and Islamic civilizations were no longer comparable. By all the measures that really mattered, post-Christian Europe is dying and Islam is flourishing. If Europe was to have a future, it would seen to be an Islamic one.  And the victory of the Muslim Brotherhood might have proved that they were right.  The Roman Empire lasted centuries, the Christian one a millennium and a half. In the distant future, historians will see that European modernity was just an insignificant, two-century-long deviation from the eternal ebb and flow of religiously grounded civilizations. After the Caliphate resurrects....what next?

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