Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Meet The New Victims Of So-Called ''Marriage Equality'' !

Working in the wedding business in America always has been stressful but now there are new worries for Christians who hold a traditional view of marriage - they could be sued, fined or even put out of business if they refuse to provide service to a same-sex couple. Just in the last two years, dozens of cake makers, photographers, florist and even farmers have been forced by state governments to provide their services to same-sex couples wanting to get ''married''. If they refuse, they are told they must offer their services to both types of couples, or not offer them at all.  (I hate having the homo crowd using the word ''Marriage'' in this manner when they would get more of us heterosexuals on their side if they used the proper word for their bonding as ''a Union.'')

For Cynthia and Robert Gifford, (photo right) owners of Liberty Ridge Farm in Schaghticoke, New York, it was an easy decision. While their main business is growing vegetables, they occasionally host marriage ceremonies in the lower level of their house and outdoors in a field. When a lesbian couple called to book the farm for their ''wedding'', Cynthia politely declined. But these bitches secretly recorded the phone conversation and then immediately filed a complaint with the New York Division of Human Rights. Liberty Ridge Farm was fined $13,000 and ordered to start serving same-sex clients or none all.

''We have decided not to hold wedding ceremonies at all and we are not going to hold them on the farm until we are allowed to choose who we contract with,'' says Cynthia. The couple, who are devout Christians, not like the lesbian atheists that reported them, hired an attorney with Alliance Defending Freedom, which specializes in religious liberty cases. The are now appealing their case in
state court. Their lawyer, James Trainor, said the state of New York is stomping all over the First Amendment rights of Christian business owners. But the Giffords are not the only Christians being hauled into court rooms because they won't bend to their state's new definition of marriage. Cases have popped up all over America. Here's another example.

Jack Phillips (photo below) owns and operates Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, Colorado, and has been in business since 1993. He pours his creative spirit into each wedding cake, which he

considers a form of artistic expression. Two local men approached him in 2012 and asked for a wedding cake, which Phillips said was against his conscience. He told him had no problem making them birthday cakes, cookies, brownies, -- anything but a wedding cake, which he believes (like normal people) should be only for a man and a woman. Phillips said he doesn't see his decision as discriminating against two homosexual men. Rather he is discriminating against the event for which the men want a cake to be dedicated. (You see, if they were smart, asking for a ''Union cake'' would've done to trick.)

The Colorado Civil Rights Division ordered him to reverse his policy, educate his employees on how to serve all clients equally and submit quarterly compliance reports to make sure he has fully removed his religious views from his business decisions. The decision was upheld by an administrative judge. ''The state has made it clear. Jack's First Amendment rights, Jack's freedom to express himself or more importantly, not express himself, must bow to the ratbag complainant's message,'' said Nicole Martin, the ADF attorney representing Phillips. ''And all I can say is what that looks like to me is something very frightening, and that's nothing more than diversity through conformity, and that's not diversity at all. Phillips is now appealing his case to the Court of Appeals.

Peter Sprigg, (photo right) senior fellow for policy studies at Family Research Council, said religious liberty is on the wane in a post-Christian America. ''What we see from those who deny this liberty which infringes on First Amendment rights, is that they have a very narrow view of religious freedom. It's what I call the ''four walls view'' of religious freedom.'' he states. To those who hold this view, a Christian has the right to religious liberty as long as they stay inside their church or home. Sprigg said, ''These damn same-sex activists have nothing to lose when a Christian business declines to provide a service. But the Christian business has potentially everything at stake....and these queers know it!''

The Way I See It.......the dark cloud of Christian entrepreneurs are seeing hovering over the wedding industry isn't likely to recede anytime soon. I'm afraid it is going to gain steam because the ultimate goal of the homosexual activist is not just to obtain equal legal rights, it's nastier than that, they want to obtain a society where nobody ever says anything, anywhere, that implies their relationships are different in any way from heterosexual relationships or in any way harmful. They really want to stifle any of that discussion in the public square. Take that attitude to the Middle East and see what happens to your ''holier-than-thou'' attitude and lifestyle.

It's ironic that, forty-five years after the Stonewall Inn riots against public intolerance, they now claim to be in favour of tolerance, yet the activists are shutting down a whole segment of artists from the right to expressing themselves. So it's not just a matter of picking something off the shelf and handing to the customer. It's not only a matter of freedom of religion but freedom of speech.

 One of the worst cases of this activity I have recently heard of is that Chris Penner, owner of the Twilight Room Annex bar in Portland, Oregon was fined $400,000 under the 2007 Equality Act for excluding transsexual men who dressed as women, who had been understandably alienating other customers by using the women's restroom. According to the Settle Times, 11 people - calling themselves the ''T-Girls'' -- ''will get money, with awards ranging from $20,000 to $50,000 for emotional and mental and physical (?) suffering.''  No justice ! I don't know of a better way to alienate the heterosexual population better than keeping up this nasty, pushy, in-your-face activist attitude.  I am just waiting for the righteous BACKLASH. to come to some city near you.

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