Sunday, May 4, 2014

Why is there Silence on the Evil that is Boko Haram ?

Here's the British Guardian's Nick Cohen on the ''fear of describing Boko Haram as it really is.''

Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekan
Terrorists from a religious nut-cult so reactionary you don't have to stretch the language very far too describe it as a fascistic attack at a school last week. The assault on a civilian target, filled with non-combatant children, has a grotesque logic behind it. They call themselves ''Boko Haram'', translates as ''western education is forbidden.''  This group, founded in 2009, regards learning as an oppression. They will stop all teaching that conflicts with a holy book from the 7th century and accounts of doubtful provenance on the life and saying of their Hitler-like prophet written hundreds of years after he died.

A desire for sexual supremacy accompanies their loathing of knowledge. They are best described as a bunch of ignorant dickheads that can only think with their male member. So, they take 223 schoolgirls as slaves and force them to convert to their sick version of Islam. They either rape them or sell them on for 10 Pnds or so to new masters. The girls are the victims of slavery, child abuse and forced marriage.  As you can see, English does not lack plain words to describe the foulness of the crimes in Nigeria, and no doubt they would be used in the highly improbable event of western soldiers seizing and selling women.

Yet, read parts of the lame-stream press and you enter a world of euphemism. They have not been enslaved but  ''abducted'' or ''kidnapped'', as if they would be released unharmed when the parties have negotiated a mutually acceptable ransom. Writers are typing with one eye over their shoulder; watching their backs to make sure that no one can accuse them of ''demonising that other religion.'' Turn from today's papers to the theoretical pages of left-wing journals and you will find that the grounds for understanding Boko Haram more and condemning it less were prepared last year.

Without fully endorsing Boko Haram, of course, socialist explained that it finds ''resonance in the hearts of many poor and dispossessed people'', who are revolted by ''the corruption and flamboyant lifestyle of the elites''.  Islam is foolishly recast as a rational reaction to local corruption and the global oppression of ''neoliberalism'', one of those conveniently vague labels that can mean just about anything...

''The mechanical denunciation of the West,'' wrote the French political theorist Pascal Bruckner in 2010, ''forbids the western bloc, which is eternally guilty, to judge or combat other systems, other states, and other religions. Our pas crimes command us to keep our mouths closed.'' He might have been writing today, so persistent is the belief that the West is the root cause of the only oppression worth mentioning. If Occidentalism was absurd in the past, it's preposterous now. Boko Haram is not reacting to western interventionism in Nigeria, for there is none.

Meanwhile, we are moving faster than anyone expected to a new age in which China will be the world's largest economy. For the first time since the 18th century, the dominant power will not allow internal opposition or the Chinese equivalent of the campaigns on behalf of the victims of its foreign policy that we saw in Britain, France and the US in the last 200 years. We have not begun to understand the turn for the worse the cause of global human rights is taking as empires shift.

The enslavement of so many girls - girls who were simply seeking an education - has finally stirred some interest in the Politically Correct West But the murder of schoolboys couldn't:
           In February, Boko Haram militants murdered 59 Christian schoolboys. They separated the boys from the girls, telling the girls to abandon school and get married before sending them home, and then slaughtered the boys. That killing spree was just one dozens of attacks on schools, houses of worship and random civilians.

The Way I See It......Corruption, cowardice, incompetence, betrayal - a disgusting failure of governance has given Nigeria a government unable to defend schoolgirls from evil.

Another evil is the fact that it was just last year that Obama pushes funds for Islamists which in turn use it to intimidate and murder their Christian victims. Obama's Democrats make up the ''Islamist Apologist Choir'' described by Cinnamon Stillwell, an American political blogger, who don't sing solely on behalf of Chenhnya, Yemin or the Brotherhood's Muslims. Some of that choir's most dreadful caterwauling is in support of Nigeria's yet-undesignated terrorists, you guessed it, Boko Haram. The choir stalls are located in the U.S. State Department, which not only refuses to designate this jihadist filth as a Foreign Terrorist Organization, but maligns and defames Boko Haram's Christian victims, as well.

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