Saturday, May 24, 2014

Beverly Hills Hotel Boycott: Hollywood's Leftists Need a Conscience !

The Beverly Hills Hotel complex, swank watering hole of Hollywood's elite, and owned by the Sultan of Brunei, is a ghost town! 

The sultan recently imposed Sharia law on the citizens of this small country in southeast Asia with a population of less than 500,000. The law includes the punishment of death for any who engages in homosexuality or adultery. Jay Leno, one of the many celebrities attending a rally in front of the hotel, said, ''It's people being stoned to death. Hello!''

Meanwhile, Bill Maher, another member of the almost-all-Hollywood left, discussed the kidnapping of mostly Christian Nigerian schoolgirls by a radical Muslim group. Having a decided grip on reality, something most of his celebrity bedfellows seemed oblivious to, stated, ''There's no mention here of connecting this to the religion (of Islam), which is what I am seeking to do because I think that's the elephant in the room.''  Maher, unlike the Hollywood lefties protesting at the hotel, insists Islam itself, not merely Shariah, is the issue. He added expressively, ''I'd like to stick to those jihadist bastards !''

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a Somali-born critic of Islam. She is one of today's most admired authors and controversial political figures and the author of the book, ''INFIDEL: My Life''. She, too, argues from first-hand experience, that Islam itself mandates a second-class status for women. She reserves her objection not only to Sharia law but also Islam itself, in all its Dark Ages baggage. She thinks reform may be possible, but receives death threats and is the subject of a fatwa - a religious decree that commends that she be killed, so she shouldn't be holding her breath.

Hirsi Ali was recently invited to speak a Brandeis University, where she would receive an honorary degree. But after Hirsi Ali received the invitation, the Council of Arab Islamic (filth) Relations sent Brandeis a list of ''offensive'' things Hirsi Ali said about Islam. Brandeis, instead of ''sticking-it-back'' to this ratbag organization listing the offensive things Islam does, retracted her invitation. The university called some of Hirsi Ali's opinions ''inconsistent with Brandeis University's core values'' Ass-kissing must be on the top of the list.

Brandeis had no problem bestowing an honorary degree on playwright Tony Kushner, who admits he has ''a problem with the idea of a Jewish state.''  And Archbishop Desmond Tutu spoke at Brandeis despite having characterized Israel as an ''apartheid state.'' Brandeis' tolerance of a variety of opinion, apparently, doesn't apply to those critical of Islam; the world's greatest threat to Western education.

Robert Spencer, author of ''Onward Muslim Soldiers,'' ''The Infidel's Guide to the Koren'',  ''The Political Incorrect Guide to Islam'' and ''The Truth About Mohammad" and who also runs the website Jihad Watch ought not wait for an invitation to speak at Brandeis either. He, too, argues that Islam itself IS the issue: ''There are millions of peaceful Muslims....but the fact is that radical Muslims are using core texts of Islam that are deeply rooted in theology, tradition, history and law to justify their actions, and those radical Muslims are able to recruit and motivate terrorists around the world by appealing to these core Islamic texts. As far as these radical, violent elements of the religion go, they are very deeply rooted and we are naïve in the extreme if we don't recognize that and try to get moderate Muslims to acknowledge it so that real reform can take place.''

Hollywood's reluctance to raise questions about Islam amazes me because of the large majority of Jewish people working in that industry. This kow-towing to Islam and it's treatment of women is really about money $$$, or more specifically to use of Arab oil money to help finance films. Matt Damon's anti-fracking movie, ''Promised Land'', was wholly financed by Image Nation Abu Dhabi, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Media, the state media company owned by the United Arab Emirates with the objective to protect America's Arab oil dependence. Thankful, Matt's movie Bombed !

The Way I See It.....the phrase that ''jihad is a peaceful struggle'' - it really means ''struggle'' - literally it means to bring the soul into line with the teachings of the Koren and the will of the law. But it's not the only meaning of jihad or even the principal meaning. Throughout Islamic history, and Islamic theology and law, you have violent jihad being the primary understanding of what it means - this collective responsibility of the Islamic community to wage war against non-Muslims until they either convert or submit as second-class citizens under Islamic rule.

Those of you who have been following my blog posts will remember that I wrote a two-part series in early April, last month, entitled ''Is Moderate Islam an Oxymoron ?'' describing the dilemma many Muslims are in by following the Koran and hadith strictly.

How long can Hollywood's Jews ignore the gutless injustice Brandeis displayed toward the brave Ayaan Hirsi Ali? How long can the Hollywood left avoid the broader and more profound issue of the suppression and subjugation of Muslim ad Arab women?  The moral relativists of Hollywood may have to make a moral judgement about culture and values to finally clear their consciences.

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