Monday, September 23, 2013

The Reality of the Islamic Enemy Within !

I had word coming from the Kenya shopping mall terror attack that three of the attackers were American citizens (of Somali background) and the Australian Federal Police revealing last week that ten Australians of middle-eastern backgrounds have joined the Syrian rebel jihadists. Now it is also revealed that al-Shabab has a recruiting video on Facebook directed at young Somali men living in the Somali enclave in Minneapolis, Minnesota area. It is safe to say that there is a growing underground of anti-western Muslims living among us that we and the authorities must take very seriously.

It always amazes me, how many people in the West would happily compromise the foundations of  entire civilisation to appease religious fascism. I find it disturbing that they would care so little about their children's future, even if they are to complacent, naïve or politically blinkered to care about their own. One of the most disturbing questions I'm asked by people like this is, Why do you hate Muslims? It's disconcerting because anyone who's been reading my postings knows very well that I've never expressed hatred for anyone. My job is to take a jaundiced eye on the Islamic religion.

Now it's often claimed that many people in the West are converting to Islam and it's true that some are, but it's also true that many Muslims in the West are leaving Islam, but you don't hear much about them for obvious reasons. Some of them have been brave enough to make themselves known and reach out to help other Muslims who want to escape the tyranny of their religion and like them, its the religion I have a problem with, not the people. So no....I don't hate Muslims, I wish them well, even the fanatics who stand by the roadside with their dopey little signs with bulging eyeballs shouting ''Death to the West!''  I even wish those boneheads well...I wish them good mental health, if that's too wildly optimistic.

And of course, I know there's lots of moderate, peaceful Muslims, indeed, so many of them are so moderate, and peaceful, they're invisible and silent -- and that is part of the problem. Just because there's lots of peaceful Muslims doesn't mean the religion is a fascist ideology that threatens all our freedoms. Nor does it mean Western governments are falling over themselves to make excuses for it, pretending Islam has nothing to do with violence, inspired and sanctioned by scripture repeatedly carried out in its name.

Just look at the craven behaviour that allowed the massacre at Fort Hood to take place. We know it could have been prevented, but due to Political Correctness in the American Army, all the warning signs were ignored, in case somebody got offended. All reference to Islam has been airbrushed out of the Official Pentagon Report, even though this scumbag, Nidal Hasan, expressed anti-American views, handed out copies of the Koran before the murders and shouted ''Ali Akbar !!! as he fatally shot 13 young soldiers and wounded 30 others. It was described as a ''workplace altercation'' by President Obama. I'm surprised the officers who shot him haven't been already accused of Islamophobia. It was nice to hear that Hasan was forcibly shaved of his scruffy beard before he was to appear in court (as is the rule). It was also nice to hear he was sentenced to death, but unfortunately this sentence set off an automatic and lengthy appeals process that could take a minimum of four year.

All over the western world we've given the Islamic supremacists the impression that they have every right to be outraged, insulted and offended by everything we do and say, and some of us have come to believe it ourselves. That is the real core of this problem. Mark Twain said, ''Faith is believing what you know ain't so.''  What Political Correctness is doing what you know ain't right. In every western country Islamic extremists are allowed to exploit religious privilege for political ends by claiming to represent all Muslims and the media always treats them as they do. These groups give themselves official sounding titles and talk a smooth line about community harmony, while doing all they can to prevent integration, to keep Muslims apart and ghettoise in a separate society with a separate identity, separate rules and standards. In other words, they exist to cause division in society.

Take for example the ratbag Council on American-Islamic RelationsCAIR ) that implies a meeting of equal ideologies, equal points of view that need to find common ground. When in fact, all that's needed is the Muslim immigrants to adapt to the American way of life, or the Australian, British, or Canadian way of life or not go there. One must respect the laws and customs, like everybody else, and not try and change them to Islamic ones and especially not define oneself as a separate group deserving special status. That's where it should Begin and End! There is no debate, no common ground to find, there is no American-Islamic relations needed and there is no need for some self-appointed council of Sharia advocates, and Hamas-linked religious deadshits to oversee it.

SHARIA in the West is like piss in a waterhole, any amount is too much! Sharia dehumanizes women, it threatens the freedom and dignity of every woman in the Western World. It discriminates in such a fundamental way; there's no way around it. There's no compromise......misogyny runs through it like a dye and that should be more than enough reason for us to banish it as aggressively and thoroughly as we banish anything with Rabies. Get on the anti-CAIR  website to keep abreast of their latest incursions: www.anti-cair-net-org.

The Way I See It.....anyone of you living in one of the freedom-loving Western countries need to seriously read ''The Muslim Mafia''. If you read only one book this year, make it this one, for your sake and the sake of your children, especially the female ones. This book is the result of an undercover investigation, that reveals the bear-knuckle truth about the Muslim Brotherhood and the extensive network and fanatics who've eaten their way into American society like termites and who seek to undermine and destroy it from within. It provides substantial documentary proof that Islamists have penetrated the highest levels of American politics and law-enforcement in their quest to impose Sharia law and get rid of the Constitution.

This has all been aided and abetted by the most cowardly and shameful Political Correctness in government, in the media and especially in the F.B.I., who seem to think it's more important to be culturally sensitive than to defend national security. This is an important book, which is why the American media is so assiduously ignoring it. In publishing it, the authors have done more for their country and the civilized world than all the politicians on Capital Hill combined will have achieved in their entire careers. Political Islam is a threat to all civilized people of any faith or persuasion and if America falls....we all do. Stay smart, stay safe and stay well informed.

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