Sunday, September 8, 2013

At this point, Benghazi DOES Matter and So Does Trust !

Republican Jeff Duncan (right) of the House of Representatives said it a Congressional Hearing on the Syrian issue to Secretary of State John Kerry, ''This Obama Administration has a serious credibility issue with the American people. I can't discuss the possibility of U.S. involvement in the Syrian civil war without also talking about Benghazi. There are questions still surrounding the Benghazi terrorist attack almost a year later. When you factor in the IRS targeting conservative groups, the Associated Press issue, Fast and Furious, and the NSA spying programs, the bottom line here is the need for accountability and trust building from this administration. To paraphrase Friedrich Nietzsche, he said, 'I'm not upset over you not telling me the truth. I'm upset because from now on, I can't believe you.' In my opinion, Benghazi is germane to the discussions about Syria, because as you stated Mr. Secretary, the world was and is watching for our response.''

Most people know the infamous line Kerry's predecessor, Hillary Clinton shouted at the Congressmen running the hearing about the cause for the murderous attack that killed the U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens and 4 Security personnel; ''At this point, what difference does it make now?''  Many of us were in shock for days over her callous statement, not to mention the outright lies she and all the others of this feckless administration, from top to bottom, showered upon the us for over a month before a crack of truth inconveniently leaked out. Of course the president lied like Pinocchio with a willing CNN accomplice in the debate for president and really never admitted to Benghazi being a terrorist attack (reminds me of the Fort Hood shooting termed ''work place violence''). (See posting ''Obama Denies Fort Hood Attack Was Terrorism!'' Oct. 30, 2012)

Rep Duncan added, holding up a photo of one of those killed, ''Mr Secretary, this is a picture of Tyrone Woods given to me by his father. The Woods family and Americans deserve answers before we send another man or woman into harm's way, especially in a civil war when there's no indication that there is an imminent threat to the U.S.A.'' He made it clear that until Americans get answers to Benghazi, Team Obama has no truth in accountability. It obviously shows that the president and his Cabinet have more outrage for the lives of foreigners than its own citizens. Duncan further reiterated with, ''How can we trust him with more of America's finest if they get caught in a perilous situation, like one of Syria's missiles hitting a U.S. destroyer. Limited and proportional strikes without an aim to change the projector of the civil war isn't a strategy we can trust. This is going to end badly.''

Kerry's condescending response to Rep Duncan was a clear variation of Hillary's in move along, nothing to see here. ''This is not about getting into Syria's civil war, this is about enforcing the principle that people shouldn't be allowed to gas their citizens with impunity!''  He stressed, ''Let's draw the proper distinction here, congressman, we don't deserve to drag this into another Benghazi discussion when the real issue here is whether or not the Congress is going to stand up to international norms!''  Kerry doesn't get it. Benghazi matters now more than ever. The credibility of  President Obama and the United States by default is a stake because he did nothing to back up his words that ''those that perpetrated this will be brought to justice.'' Yet a year later, insiders say he has done nothing. Those in his government that told the truth have been threatened because the truth matters and it will shatter his fairy tale. And on seeing this blatant disregard for justice, his enemies are emboldened. Words don't matter, actions do.

The Way I See It....if President Obama can't bring the full might of the U.S. of A. to bring to justice those whom his intelligence agency knows killed the Ambassador and the four other brave men who tried to save his life, what does that say to the world at large? That he speaks loudly and carries a small stick; he's impotent?  His words and fist shaking mean absolutely nothing. The terrorists and despicable dictators will carry on without impunity, since Bad-Ass Barry has only empty words and an unsharpened sword. Red lines have and will get crossed without repercussion and all the world's a stage for his mockery. His line-in-the-sand is purely political to take the heat off the growing scandals and debt ceiling debate which surely came from his cronies headed by David Axelrod.

Now California Democrat Loretta Sanchez strongly stressed to her fellow Congressmen, ''The minute that one of those cruise missiles lands in there, we are in the Syrian war. It's a civil war and we are taking sides with the rebels, so many of whom are still associated with al-Qaeda, and other groups that mean to undermine us around the world.''  Today, in what looks like an off-the-cuff blunder, Secretary of State Kerry might have accidently given Russian President Vladimir Putin the opportunity to muddy the international diplomatic waters. Kerry said that Assad could avoid American air strikes by giving up all his chemical weapons. Within hours, the State Department was forced to walk Kerry's new red line with Obama saying it could be a genuine option and be ''a potential breakthrough.''  With this, Putin pounces on his dithering, slamming Obama, saying '' he is someone who drew a 'red line' and then was embarrassed when it was crossed'', after which he announces that he'll talk with Assad.......thereby buying his Syrian friends some time.

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