Monday, August 19, 2013

The Egyptian Democratic Coalition Puts it to Obama !

The National Salvation Front, a coalition of pro-democratic and secular parties in Egypt, set out its objections to remarks made by President Barack Obama on the weekend. Led by Ahmed Said of the Free Egyptians Party, the group issued the following stern letter:

     ''Like most Egyptians, we listened with attention to your statement on Egypt's latest developments. As representatives of the non-Islamic political forces in Egypt, we believe in the same fundamental values on which the U.S. was founded. We have 7,000 years of civilization and history that gives us a special identity that we are fighting to keep since the Muslim Brotherhood came to power. 

     "Let us first educate you about who the Muslim Brothers are: They're an unlawful organization operating outside the realm of Egyptian law, receiving foreign funding and laundering money in a flagrant breech of international law. Their aim is to rule the world through a so-called Islamic Caliphate a they believe in their absolute supremacy. They pretend they are God's emissaries and they will not rest until they have forced the whole world into submission. For them, Egypt is the launching pad to achieve their fascist dream. Their international reach spans the globe and they command the hearts and minds of many unsuspecting politicians. They have used deceit, soft speeches, international funds and whenever required, violence, to impose their will.

     ''The rule of deposed President Morsi showed how in less than a year they abused the wishes of the people, reneged on their promises and overturned the rule of law by issuing constitutional diktats controlling the judiciary as well as the legislative arms of the state. This was enough to impeach any president in a democratic nation but Egyptians couldn't refer to their Supreme Court as it was also controlled by thugs. So finally, Egyptians took to the streets and this century's second 'peaceful unarmed' revolution took place in June to recall the president and a reject the rule of the Brotherhood. We deposed our president not because he was inclusive, as you naively represented, but because he broke his constitutional oath and became another dictator, like the one we removed in January 2011. This was the will of freedom-loving people.

     ''It's time we address a few points of your address. Despite the perception, history will tell of a Western media consistently portraying only one side -- the Islamist's) We have to let you know some facts and some truth. Like the day President Morsi was ousted by popular demand and with the Army's help. The Western media and emissaries from the U.S. ad Europe have consistently described the sit-ins that paralysed Cairo as 'peaceful demonstrations.' They chose to ignore that Morsi's backers were torching churches and killing randomly and destroying private and public properties across Egypt. Peaceful demonstrators do not threaten Christians with genocide as many Brothers declared in hate speeches from the sit-in stage. Peaceful demonstrators do not raise the black flags of al-Qaida while marching with pictures of bin Laden on their chests.

     ''While the Western media was focusing on the clearing of the sit-ins and moaning over the number of those killed, more than 45 attacks were made on Christian installations across Egypt, resulting in the torching of 19 churches and cathedrals, some built in the 6th Century. The list goes on, but your intelligence reports should enlighten you, especially if you read them. You know Mr President, it is important that you see reality, especially that the American people have themselves suffered from the dark evil of Islamists where unfortunately thousands of Americans died from their terror. The Muslim Brotherhood and their jihadist allies have never known and will never know peace.

     ''Mr President, we are on the side of freedom, we are on the side of human rights. We all on the side of justice for all. Is it too much for Egyptians today to have the support of the American people during on war on terror? How can the same group be named terrorists in the U.S.A. and peaceful demonstrators in Egypt? How can these be the ones you say you will never negotiate with while your government demands that we Egyptians not only negotiate with them but also partner with them in building a modern Egypt. This is grossly illogical. With this in mind we hope that this letter will get your attention for, after all, we are now representing the majority. Our present government represents us, the secular, civil and liberal political forces. We hope that you will find it of value to probe more and investigate more and ask more. When you do, we are ready to come to you in a delegation and discuss and explain more. We are sure that you will realize that, after all, Egyptians are indeed a great people deserving a great future.''

The Way I See It.....when Obama ignored his CIA assessment of the Muslim Brotherhood prior to the election last year his Mid-East policy went off the rails. The amazing deafness of Team Obama to the ''Mein Kampf'' type of rantings of the MB when they were free to express themselves after Mubarak's ouster showed how out of touch they were to the whole Middle East dynamic. Obama chose to consider one side of picture that allowed him to show that his ass-kissing of a radial Muslim group was better for the future of Egypt. Thank God that General al-Sisi and his Army were there to rescue what was left of the democratic fabric of the Egypt. 

Now Obama still sticks to his delusion by cancelling Operation Bright Star. Well Mr President, Operation Bright Star means nothing to most Egyptians, but it is the misunderstanding and misleading of the American people that they worry about and you should care about. The Egyptians feel betrayed by the one country, which holds the torch of democracy high, that can't come to grips with the reality that the Brotherhood defiled the very essence of the meaning of a democratic state. Obama and his cronies have lost the plot and don't know who their friends are anymore.

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