Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Bill O'Reilly's Shocking Fractured Historical Fact !

I'm hoping that this posting will be the last to cover the recent Trayvon/Zimmerman incident and the subsequent upsetting of race relations across America. In the many previous postings I have tried to shine the light of reason on the facts and dispel the emotional blindness gripping many black people. After I finished last Monday's posting on the Trayvon/Till comparison this came up. During his otherwise excellent commentaries on race in America, Bill O'Reilly, (photo right) host of the No. 1 cable news show, The O'Reilly Factor (Fox News Channel), claimed last night that the one person who tried to help African-Americans more than any other was....Robert F. Kennedy!

No one laughed and they should have. I guess that's what they're teaching these days at the John F. Kennedy School of Government. (I can't wait to hear how Ted Kennedy helped eradicate drunk driving!) So now, according to O'Reilly's fractured history, Bobby Kennedy was ''the guy who was really concerned about African-Americans'' and ''who really DID SOMETHING. He went in with the federal government and he cleaned out the rat's nest that was abusing blacks in the South.''

Although this myth has been polished to perfection by the Kennedy PR machine (requiring all Kennedy stories to illustrate either courage of adorableness), it is simply a fact that helping blacks was not the Democrat's priority. Even the ones who wanted to, such as Bobby and John Kennedy couldn't risk upsetting the segregationists, more than 90% of whom were Democrats. The job of actually enforcing civil rights and desegregating Southern schools fell to Presidents Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon. In May 17th, 1954, the Supreme Court handed down its decision by 9 votes to zero in the Brown v. Board of Education. This ruling was expressly endorsed in the Republican Party platform, but not the Democratic platform.

James Meredith Knows His Rights
Five years after Eisenhower had shown the Democrats how its done by sending federal troops to desegregate Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, President Kennedy and brother Bobby still dragged their feet in helping James Meredith enter the University of Mississippi. On February 7, 1961, Meredith wrote a beautiful letter to the Department of Justice, describing his inability to enrol at the University. He wrote:
          ''Whenever I attempt to reason logically about this matter, it grieves me deeply to realize that an individual, especially an American, the citizen of a free democratic nation, has to clamor with such procedures in order to try to gain just a small amount of his civil and human rights, and even after suffering the embarrassments and personal humiliation of this procedure, there still seems little hope of success.''

The full letter is worth looking up. I would venture to guess there are not many college applicants of any race who write this well today. (You know why?  Because Americans don't read anymore to gain fluency of vocabulary. They watch cable news and fill their heads with nonsense history and false facts.), In response to Meredith's eloquent letter, Bobby Kennedy did nothing. And that's how Bobby Kennedy ''cleaned out the rat's nest that was abusing African-Americans in the South''! So, with the damn Democrats in the White House, Meredith had to take his case to the Supreme Court. Liberals were engaging in their usual massive resistance to court rulings they don't like and neither bobby or JFK would dare to stop them.

Meredith Escorted By Federal Marshalls
In June, 1962, a federal appellate court ordered the university to enrol him, but the segregationists would keep issuing stays to prevent enforcement of the ruling. Only when these stays were appealed to the Supreme Court did Bobby's Justice Department finally get the them lifted -- nearly two years after Meredith had written that letter to him asking for help. But the state would not admit Meredith to ''Ole Miss''. When JFK wrote a letter to the segregationist Democratic governor, Ross Barnett, to follow the courts ruling or face a fine of $10,000 a day, it was ignored. The Kennedy brothers then sent the National Guard in to force the University of Mississippi to admit James Meredith. But the rest of the South remained segregated as long as Bobby Kennedy was Attorney General and either JFK or LBJ was in the White House (LBJ on the 1964 Civil Rights Act: ''I'll have those n*ggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years,'') 

The Way I See It.....the blacks still don't know who their real political friends are and still vote for the Democrats. They may say their hosannas to Bobby Kennedy, but they would have to wait for Republican Richard Nixon to become president to win the full promise of Brown v. Board of Education. There was more desegregation of American public schools in Nixon's first term than in any historical period before or since. It was not an accident that Nixon launched his comeback in 1966 with a Op Ed column denouncing Democrats for trying to ''squeeze the last ounces of political juice out of the rotting fruit of racial injustice.''  He was so right.

Crediting Bobby Kennedy for the great work he did on behalf of black Americans would be like calling Harry Reid the country's greatest champion of the unborn. Sure, Reid says he's pro-life, but he dare not act on it lest he upset the rest of his party. It was the same with the Democrats and the civil rights issue. If know want to say something nice about Bobby Kennedy, remind everyone that he proudly worked for Sen. Joe McCarthy.

NOTE:  Read my post "Here Come The Closet Black Conservatives !" (August 26, 2012) for
information on a documentary that exposes the Democrat's wish to keep blacks on the ''plantation''.

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